Yamaha LF350TXR Outboard Motor (Four Stroke V8 5.3L F350)

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Yamaha LF350TXR Outboard Motor Four Stroke V8 5.3L F350
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Detailed Yamaha Outboards Motor Information
Availabilty: Sold
Sale: Blowout
Type: Outboard Motor
Year: Current
Model: 350 HP Four Stroke V8 5.3L F350
Model Number: LF350TXR
Series: Four Stroke V8 5.3L F350
HP: 350
Engine Type:  60° V8 DOHC 32-valve
Displacement:  325.3ci (5330 cc)
Bore x Stroke:  94 x 96mm (3.70 x 3.78 in.)
Prop Shaft Horsepower:  350hp at 5500 rpm
Compression Ratio:  9.6-1
Fuel/Induction System:  EFI/VCT/DOHC
Exhaust:  In-Bank™ dual exhaust with Power Surge Chambers
Intake:  Single Throttle Valve
Ignition System:  TCI, 32-bit ECM with integrated coil-in-cap ignition design
Spark Plug:  LFR6A-11-00-000
Alternator Output:  50 Amp (40A @ 1000rpm, Battery Charge
Starting System:  Electric
Lubrication:  Wet Sump
Engine Oil Capacity:  6.5L/6.3L w/without Filter
Full Throttle RPM Range:  5000 - 6000
Cooling:  Water/Thermostatic Control
Recommended Engine Oil:  Yamalube® 4M (See owner's manual)
Recommended Fuel:  Regular Unleaded (Minimum Pump Octane 89)
Recommended Fuel Filtration:  Yamaha 10-Micron Fuel/Water Separating Filter (external)
Ethanol Blend Limit:  10% Maximum
Gear Case Rotation:  Counter (left)
Gear Ratio:  (26-15) 1.73-1
Gear Shift:  Forward, Neutral, Reverse
Shaft Length:  25
Degree of Tilt:  67°
Degree of Trim:  -3° through +16°
C.A.R.B. Rating:  3-Star
Power Tilt and Trim:  Y
Dry Weight:  763 lbs (346 kg)
Mounting Centers:  28.6"
Steering Angle:  (maximum) 32° from center, either direction
Warranty:  3-Year Pleasure, 3-Year Government, 1-Year Commercial
Four Stroke V8 Outboard:  Standard
Large Displacement (5.3L):  Standard
Narrow 60° Block Design:  Standard
Variable Camshaft Timing:  Standard
Long Track Induction System:  Standard
Electronic Multi-Point Fuel Injection:  Standard
8 Independent Fuel Injectors:  Standard
4 Large Radius Valves Per Cylinder:  Standard
Large Intake Valve Lift:  Standard
Double Overhead Camshafts:  Standard
In-Bankô Exhaust:  Standard
Exhaust Pressure Reduction System:  Standard
Saltwater Series XL-SDS™ Compatible:  Standard
Programmable Tilt Stop:  Standard
Freshwater Flush:  Standard
Reversible PTT Switch:  Standard
Single Belt Drive System:  Standard
Multi-Charge Monitoring System:  Standard

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