Essential Spare Boat Parts & Supplies

Boat parts break sooner or later. It's not as bad when things break while your boat is trailered or docked, but when something busts out on the water, you can find yourself stranded out in the middle of nowhere. 

Essential boat spare parts and supplies

No boat owner should take his or her vessel out without a few essential tools on board. Likewise, he or she should also carry some essential spare parts that could make the difference between simply being stalled or flat out getting stuck. Here are 10 essential spare marine parts and supplies every boat owner should have onboard.

1. Fuses

Fuses are prone to bowing, and when they do, the electrical circuits they were protecting become useless. Fuse blowout could happen to something minor like the onboard stereo system, or something major like an outboard motor. Always carry spare fuses on your boat, especially main engine fuses.

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2. Spark Plugs

A cracked, broken, or fouled spark plug can stop your motor dead in the water. Always keep plenty of spark plugs on board for emergency repairs, and make sure you have spares to replace the spares. 

3. Hoses

Rubber hoses of a few feet in length are essential spare parts to keep on a boat. They can be used as makeshift fuel or hydraulic lines, and could come in handy as tie-downs in extreme circumstances.

Essential spare boat parts supplies hoses

4. Hose Clamps

Spare hose clamps of varying sizes can hold a worn fuel, water or hydraulic hose or pipe in place temporarily until you can dock safely and make proper repairs.

5. Cable Ties

Cable ties are comparable to duct tape as far as versatility goes. You can use them to solve a plethora of problems, and they're incredibly handy to have on a boat for unexpected situations. 

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6. Light Bulbs

Spare light bulbs are essential for all boats that sail after dark. Bulbs are fragile, so don't forget to check the spares from time to time to make sure they still work.

7. Fuel Filters

Spare fuel filters are priceless, especially if you bought a batch of bad marine fuel, or if the old fuel filter in your boat's tank has gone bad. Switching out a fuel filter that has become overwhelmed with water or debris with a spare filter will protect the motor and keep it running as it should.

Essential spare boat parts fuel filters

8. Batteries

A dead battery will leave your boat dead in the water. Carrying a spare battery gives you the peace of mind that a backup is available whenever you need it. Don't forget to regularly check spare marine batteries to ensure they're fully charged, otherwise having them on board becomes useless.

Essential spare boat parts marine battery

9. Oil

A spare supply of oil is an often overlooked yet essential item to keep on a boat. An extra couple of quarts of engine oil and transmission fluid will get you back to the dock if your motor springs a sudden leak or unexpectedly consumes all of its lubricant.

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10. Impellers

Always have a spare impeller for every water pump onboard. An engine can overheat in minutes, which can destroy the impeller immediately. Impellers break easily, but are also inexpensive and easy to replace. Always have a spare impeller on board, and another spare to replace that spare.




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