5 Easy Steps to Unwrap a Boat

Much like wrapping and unwrapping a present, the unwrapping of a boat takes a lot less effort than it did to shrink wrap the boat for the offseason

Unwrap a boat in 5 easy steps

Here’s are 5 easy steps to remove shrink wrap from a boat.

1. Start Opening

Remove all the openings in the shrink film such as access doors and air circulation vents. Basically remove anything that isn’t the actual shrink wrap. If you’re careful, it may be possible to save and reuse the doors and vents when rewrapping your boat next year.

2. Get Cutting

Cut around the shrink wrap film just above the perimeter band. When cutting shrink film, it’s best to use a shrink wrap knife, since the unprotected blade on a box cutter or retractable knife can easily damage the boat.

Dr. Shrink wrap cutter

Shrink wrap cutting knife

3. Start Rolling

Working from the bow, lift and roll the shrink wrap back toward the stern, continuing to roll up the film as you go. Have one person on each side to make this process much easier. (A third person in the middle under the shrink wrap is advisable for larger boats or boats with a high center console).

4. Get Slicing

Slice through the remaining perimeter band, belly bands and supporting bands. Cut the buckles from the bands so they may be reused next time, and also keep the support pole end caps for reuse.

5. Recycle

Most boatyards and marinas have a recycling program for used shrink wrap. Also, shrink wrap supplies manufacturers like Dr. Shrink may offer a home pick-up service for used shrink wrap in your state.

Recycle boat shrink wrap

Follow these 5 easy steps for unwrapping your boat to get you back out on the water sooner than later when the boating season returns.


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