5 Under-the-Radar Boating Tips

Boating responsibly requires a unique skillset. There are several things you probably already know to do as far as maintenance, safety and fun are concerned, but a few additional tips may slip under the radar.

Boating tips

Beyond the obvious stuff like cleaning your boat, changing the engine oil regularly, and riding at safe speeds, there are a handful of simple things you may have overlooked. Here are 5 under-the-radar boating tips you might not have given much thought to.

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Plan for Big Trips on Your Small Boat

A small boat can take big cruises when you plan accordingly. If you live where there are lots of places to dock for the night, you probably also live near areas that have lots of waterfront shopping, dining and lodging. Plan ahead for long trips and find stopping points where you can eat and sleep. Restaurants and little shops for provisions while taking long trips on the boat will cover you along the way.

Boating tips dockside waterfront dining

Anchor Upwind from the Crowd

When you can, get upwind of other boats anchored around you. That way, if another boat breaks loose, it won’t drift toward yours. But you have a part to play here, too. Make sure your boat is anchored securely so your boat isn’t the one drifting toward everyone else.

Boating tips anchor upwind

Wear Clean Shades

Out on the water, you’re going to get spray on your sunglasses. But taking them off and wiping them down with your shirt just smears everything around and doesn’t improve your vision. Pack a little sunglasses cleaning kit or wipes. You can get either for a few bucks at the drug store to keep your sunglasses clean throughout your trip.

Boating tips clean sunglasses

Air Out the Cabin

If your boat has a small cabin, it’s important to keep it ventilated, and prevent moisture that leads to a musty and funky smelling cabin. Just like cleaning the outside of your boat, you need to make a habit out of airing out your boat’s cabin. A small fan can help prevent mold and mildew. So can using a dehumidifier and hanging some dryer sheets around to freshen up the air.

Touch Up the Varnish

Getting a boat varnished can be a big proposition. But there’s a way to beat the system for small repairs, and you’ll find it in the cosmetics aisle. Fill a nail polish bottle with a little bit of varnish and use the brush to apply it to those small areas where you see signs of wear. 



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