6 More Essential Outboard Winterization Products

Outboard motor winterization is a straightforward process we’ve covered many times over, including our 6 Essential Outboard Winterization Products article. But what about some of the other products that are involved in the winterization process that didn't get featured in that article? 

Essential outboard winterization products

Let’s give those products some love too. We’ve published many articles and videos on boat and outboard winterization: the how’s and why’s are covered and then some in our blog. So once again, we’re giving the actual products that didn’t get spotlighted last time their own chance to shine. Here are 6 more outboard winterization products essential to successful offseason storage.

Salt Remover

When flushing the outboard with freshwater to remove silt and debris, also flush it with a salt remover to remove corrosive salt deposits. Salt removers are specially formulated to serve as an engine flush, cleaner and corrosion inhibitor. This product dissolves salt and leaves a coating to protect against corrosion. 

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Engine Oil & Oil Filter

A “2-for-1 special” on this list, you should drain the old engine oil from the outboard and remove the old oil filter. Next, install a new oil filter and refill the motor with fresh engine oil to properly winterize your outboard. Oil and filter changes are standard year-round maintenance, but it’s especially important to do them before putting your outboard motor in storage for the off-season.

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Spark Plugs

Changing the spark plugs in an outboard is as easy as it gets, and it’s an important part of the winterization process. They’re also very cheap to buy, so there are no excuses not to swap them out before putting your outboard into storage. Remove the spark plugs and spray fogging oil into the cylinders, then replace the old spark plugs with new ones.

Fuel Filters

Replace the fuel filters and fuel/water separator, and treat the fuel with a marine-grade fuel stabilizer when winterizing your outboard motor. Make sure to fill the fuel tank to the brim so there’s no room left for air or moisture to form within it.

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Rust Inhibitor

One often overlooked step to winterizing an outboard is to protect it from rust while it’s in storage. Spray the powerhead and all exposed metal parts with a rust inhibitor for good measure before putting the motor away for the offseason.

Check your outboard’s owner’s manual to see the manufacturer's recommendations on winterizing the motor, and watch the video above for a comprehensive rundown of everything you should do before putting it in storage.



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