7 Essential Outboard Motor Accessories

Boats aren’t the only things that benefit from accessories like covers to protect them, and help maintain or increase their resale value. Outboard motors benefit from some accessories of their own, for both protection and maintenance purposes, as well as for increased performance. 

Essential outboard motor accessories

A boat's outboard motors deserve as much attention and protection as the watercraft they power. With that in mind, here’s a list of 7 essential accessories you should consider getting for your outboard engine.

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Outboard Engine Cover

Outboard covers keep the engine protected from the elements. That protection helps keep an outboard looking like new, which helps maintain its resale value, as well as the value of the boat it powers if you decide to sell it. 

A good outboard cover doesn’t cost much. You can probably find a decent one within the $50-$80 range. Keep in mind that outboard motors are often worth more than the boats they’re attached to, so it’s a good idea to cover them. 

Essential outboard accessories cover

A quality cover also protects the outboard’s paint from fading, and the motor itself from flying debris while it’s being trailered. It also helps prevent damage from scratching and chafing caused by ropes used for towing and mooring. Vented outboard covers are also available to protect outboards from water damage while they’re running.

Outboard Carry Bag

Carry bags for outboards are covers with handles to transport and store lightweight motors. The quality kind are durable and equipped with soft lining and vents to protect the motor from the inside.  

Essential outboard accessories carry bag

Outboard Motor Locks

To protect your outboard from theft, there are a variety of security locks available. For example, outboard trailer locks not only protect the motor from theft, but also from falling off while it’s being trailered. These locks secure the motor in the forward position during trailering, which reduces potential damage from road shock. Other types of outboard locks include propeller locks, which present another obstacle for thieves looking to steal low-hanging fruit.  

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Outboard Decals

Given the amount of punishment outboard motors take, it’s only natural their paint and decals are eventually going to fade. After repainting your outboard engine to keep it looking like new, replace the decals as well. It’s a pretty inexpensive cosmetic accessory to replace. 

Portable Fuel Tank

Portable gas tanks don’t require much explanation, but the gist of it is they’re there to hold an emergency supply of fuel in case your boat runs out. One thing worth noting is that because they’re notorious for fuel spills, portable tanks must be EPA approved for use out on the water. So make sure you don’t bring just any old jerry can onboard for refueling. 

Essential outboard accessories portable fuel tank

Outboard Engine Flusher

This is more of a tool than an accessory, but nevertheless, outboard engine flushers do exactly what their name implies. Outboard motors need a healthy cooling system to thrive, and that system usually relies on pulling water from underneath the boat and pushing it up to the cooling system. Engine flushers push clean water into the gearcase using muffs to force dirt and debris out of the system through the telltale.

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Buy outboard hydrofoil fins


This outboard accessory has more to do with performance and speed. Hydrofoils are platforms added to the outboard’s cavitation plate to help lift a boat’s hull above water as it gains speed. They’re renown for improving fuel efficiency by creating less drag on the boat during acceleration. 

Essential outboard accessories hydrofoil

Hydrofoils also reduce the boat’s direct impact with the water as it accelerates, which helps improve handling, maximize its power and run more efficiently while keeping the boat on plane. The extra lift also increases a boat’s speed, and with less exertion to the motor, outboard parts are better protected from damage and wear.



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