4 Reasons to Add a Bimini Top to Your Boat

Bimini tops have risen in popularity over the years, especially because of the value they add to a boat, and of course for the protection and comfort they provide.

Boat Bimini top

If you’re still deciding whether or not to buy a Bimini top for your boat, here are 4 good reasons why you should.

Reason #1: Practicality and Affordability

Bimini tops are appreciated as much for their affordability as they are for convenience and ease of use. Bimini top can quickly be folded up and stowed away much easier than a full canvas enclosure. If you’re on the fence about how adding a Bimini top to your boat will affect its appearance, know that it’s not a permanent fixture; it can be used only when needed; and can easily be swapped out for another color or style.

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Reason #2: Sun Protection

Bimini tops are essential boat accessories that protect you and your passengers from harsh direct sunlight, which can lead to skin cancer. If you have children, you’ll definitely want some shade protection on your boat, as their skin is far more susceptible to long-term damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

Boat Bimini top family

A Bimini top gives you and your passengers a convenient oasis of shade when a recess from tanning is in order. Additionally, the shade protection they provide helps prevent dehydration, which can be downright dangerous. Why cut a day’s boating trip short because you're baking for hours in direct sunlight? The comfort and shade Bimini tops provide alone is worth the investment if it means you can enjoy more time on your boat. 

Boat Bimini top sun protection

Reason #3: Rain Protection

What fun is boating when an uncomfortable chilly rain soaks you, your gear and your guests? While a Bimini top won’t exactly protect you from a monsoon, it’ll provide enough shelter for your boat’s equipment and gear, and will keep everyone dry and happy when the occasional light shower passes overhead.

Boat Bimini top rain protection

Reason #4: Resale Value

Bimini tops not only provide protection from the elements, but they add aesthetic appeal to your already sexy boat! And who doesn’t want their boat to look good? A custom-made Bimini top with a nicely coordinated color and sleek lines can make your boat more eye-catching to potential buyers. 

Boat Bimini top resell value

Try selling your boat without some type of sun and rain protection, and you’ll quickly find out that Bimini tops are pretty much expected by smart buyers as a standard feature. Even if you’re not thinking of selling your boat, a Bimini top still adds long-term value to it. The return on investment is felt not only by the comfort and protection it provides you now, but by the contribution it’ll make to your boat’s resale value down the line.

Boat Bimini tops value

There’s never been a better time to buy a Bimini top. With the explosion in demand for Bimini tops in recent years, the choice of canopy designs, fabrics, colors and frame materials is almost limitless.



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