Boat Control Cable Testing and Maintenance Video Playlist

Here at, we’ve published multiple videos and articles related to all kinds of boat and outboard maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting.

Boat control cables specializes in selling outboard parts, but we’ve also published many outboard maintenance and repair videos and articles. For this playlist, we’ve compiled a list of our videos dedicated to measuring, testing and doing maintenance on boat control cables

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How to Measure Throttle Cables on a Boat

Watch the video above for a walkthrough on choosing and measuring shift and throttle cable options: universal replacement vs. OEM direct replacement cables. When you choose a universal cable, you need to also order the appropriate fittings for your application for both the engine and the control side of the cable. We use OEM Mercruiser cables as an example, and walk you through the differences in the connections on the Gen 1 and Gen 2 cables. You must order a cable with the correct connection so that it’ll work, as they have different measurements on the ends as well as on the length of the cable itself.

If you can’t see the stamp on the cable to choose a replacement, you’ll need to take a few measurements: from the control to the stern; from that side of the stern to the centerline of the engine; any distance in elevation; and the distance from the centerline to the control point itself.  We walk you through these measurements to see how you might need to take some additional considerations.

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Multiflex Outboard Control Cable Test

Watch the video above to learn about Multiflex control cables and how to test them. We use a control cable tester to show you how Multiflex cables reduce resistance when installed in your boat. With many engine control cables, you’ll find that resistance increases as the cable is engaged, which can produce an uneven feel on the throttle cable of an outboard, and can sometimes prevent you from reaching full throttle.

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Outboard Throttle Cable Maintenance

You know to do standard maintenance tasks like changing the oil, but one often overlooked boat maintenance task is checking and lubing the control cables. Throttle cables, steering cables, and the other links between your boat’s controls and the motor wear out over time, so you should inspect the control cables at least twice a year. The beginning and end of the boating season are the best times to do it. 

Watch the video above to learn how to inspect the grease points on the throttle cable to make sure things move smoothly. You’ll also learn about a few Yamaha products like Yamalube marine grease and control cable lubricant like Yamahashield you can use for this outboard cable maintenance task.

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