Boat Trailering Safety and Maintenance Checklist

Preparing your trailer for boating season or even for regular trips to and from the boat ramp is every bit as important as prepping your actual boat for the water. 

Boat trailer safety checklist

An unexpected problem with the trailer at even a moderate speed could be catastrophic. Before you hook your trailer to your truck, run through this trailering safety and maintenance checklist for peace of mind when travelling to and from the boat ramp.

Boat trailer safety tips

Trailer Wheels and Tires: What to Check 

  • Tire sidewalls for cracks or deformities (including the spare)
  • Tread depth and pressure on all tires 
  • Wheel lug nuts torqued to the correct specification
  • Bearings are allowing the wheels to spin freely
  • Excessive noise is not coming from the wheel bearings
  • Make sure to re-pack the wheel bearings with grease

Trailer Lights: What to Check

  • Cracked lenses and loose wires in the lights
  • Brake, reverse and tail lights are all working
  • Functioning turn signals and license plate lights

Try these trailer light troubleshooting tips if you come across any problems. 

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Trailer Winch: What to Check 

  • Winch is clean and lubricated
  • Wear or fraying on the winch strap 

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Trailer Hitch and Coupler: What to Check 

  • Tongue jack is lubed and works properly
  • Coupler works properly and fits snugly over hitch ball
  • Trailer hitch lock works correctly
  • Safety chains are properly fastened and free of corrosion

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Boat Trailer: What to Check 

  • Tie-down straps for wear and fraying
  • Rollers for corrosion or cracking
  • Bunks and carpeting for cracks, wear and tears
  • Trailer frame for cracked welds, corrosion, loose bolts and loose tie-down eyes.
  • Trailer leaf springs for corrosion, broken leaves and missing bolts.
  • License plate tag is up to date

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