Boat Storage Option Tips

Your boat’s natural habitat is out on the water, but you’ll always need a place to store it when you’re done using it for the boating season. 

Boat storage option tips

Basically, you have three storage options: in the water; out of the water and outside; or out of the water and inside. Here are some tips about each boat storage option to help you make the right decision.

Buy a boat cover

Buy an outboard engine cover

Outside Dry Boat Storage

Here’s a straightforward option, and it’s probably the cheapest. Keep the boat on a trailer, get it covered, and park it in the driveway or backyard. 

Outside dry boat storage

You’ll still need to winterize your boat, but outside dry storage is a popular option. If you live somewhere you can’t keep a boat in the driveway or backyard, find someplace that offers outdoor boat storage. The great thing about this setup is that if you pay for year-round storage space, it can also serve as a great place to store your trailer while your boat is in the water.

Indoor Dry Boat Storage

This is a step-up in price vs outside storage options, but you’ll get better protection for your boat. One reason indoor dry boat storage is more expensive is that it’s harder to come by. You can accomplish the same thing by keeping your boat in your garage, but for many people this isn’t an option. Indoor dry storage also shelters your boat from the elements until boating season comes around again.

Indoor dry boat storage

Boat Slip Storage

If you live someplace with mild winters — and you’re willing to pay for it — just keeping your boat in a slip at a marina might be a suitable option. The price of the slip of course will depend on how long you need it for and what size boat it holds. However, this option lets you get the jump on boating again right away. Since you don’t have to pull the boat out of storage and you’ll likely have access to shore power during the offseason, the extra cost might pay for itself in convenience alone.  

Boat storage option tips marina slip

Boat Storage Quick Tips

Regardless of which storage option you choose, here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re going to park your boat for any extended period of time.

  • Top off batteries with electrolyte, and use a battery tender to keep it healthy
  • Add fuel stabilizer to keep fuel from going sour and clogging up fuel systems
  • Use a boat cover to protect it from the elements
  • Add a dehumidifier to prevent mold If your boat has covered cabin space



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