Can a Bent Boat Propeller be Restored?

Your boat’s propeller is the link between the engine and the water. When it’s good, it’ll make the most of your boat’s power to do whatever you need it to do: pull a skier, make a good top speed, etc.

Bent boat propeller

Propellers are a finely tuned part of a boat’s engine. The shape, pitch, and number of blades impact how your boat runs, and if one or more blades are damaged, it can negatively alter its performance. 

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Can You Repair a Damaged Boat Prop?

A propeller with minor damage might not run as well as it should, but a prop with major damage can create vibrations that are harmful to the engine’s lower unit.

Bent boat propeller repair

A professional prop repair shop can fix up a damaged propeller by welding new material onto the prop, and then shaping it to match the other blades. Repair costs are cheap for an aluminum propeller, but so is replacing it with a new aluminum prop. It makes more sense to just replace an aluminum propeller than to get it fixed. On the other hand, a stainless steel prop repair costs more, but getting it fixed will likely cost less than buying a brand new stainless steel propeller.

What Damage Can a Prop Strike Cause?

If your boat’s propeller hits something hard, the prop itself isn’t the only thing that can get damaged. The prop shaft can also take a hit, so it should be inspected and replaced if it’s bent. One way to prevent this type of damage is to use a prop with an insert. The insert takes the brunt of the damage when you strike something, and it protects both the propeller and the shaft.

Boat propeller damage insert

There are advantages and disadvantages to stainless and aluminum propellers, as well as 3-blade and 4-blade props. Choosing the right one for your application will help you avoid prop damage, or make it more cost-effective if it sustains damage.




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