Tips for Finding the Best Winter Boat Storage Facility

When looking for out-of-water winter boat storage, it’s natural to first consider whether the facility is in a good location. 

Boat storage facility

However, choosing a storage facility solely based on whether it’s located at a popular lake or coastal area or near your home can be a mistake. The first thing boat owners should really be looking for when seeking out the best winter storage facility is whether or not it can handle the size of their boat. 

Winter boat storage outdoor

Consideration #1: Storage Capabilities

Boat size shouldn’t be an issue for vessels under 30ft, as most dry racks can accommodate them. However, not all storage facilities can handle boats over 30 feet. The dry racks may be too small, or the boat’s weight may exceed the lifting capability or maximum stored weight limit of the facility. Make sure the facility you choose actually has the storage capabilities to handle the size of your boat. 

Boat winter storage facility

Consideration #2: Storage Costs

The next consideration when choosing a winter boat storage facility should be the cost. High-and-dry racks on the shoreline of your favorite boating area are nice, but is it really worth the extra cost? If the facility’s location is ideal but the prices are over your budget range, do some research on the storage costs of other nearby facilities, including any add-ons, which can include additional fees for boats over a certain height or beam width. Make sure you read the fine print before settling on a storage facility, as extras may add hundreds of dollars to the advertised price. 

Winter boat storage on land

Consideration #3: High-and-Dry vs Outside Rack

Boat owners should ask themselves whether they want basic outdoor rack storage or covered high-and-dry storage. Both methods require the boat to be properly winterized before storing. However, high-and-dry storage costs more since it saves the boat owner from having to constantly tend to the boat over the winter (removing snow, checking for water intrusion, etc.). High-and-dry storage also protects a boat from sunlight UV damage, so naturally it costs extra.

Winter boat storage indoor facility

These three considerations are what boat owners should use as basic guidelines to pick out the best winter boat storage facility. Choose a facility that can handle the boat’s size, then factor in the total charges, and consider whether it’s worth the extra money to get high-and-dry storage over the more affordable outdoor rack storage.



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