Advantages & Tips for Boating in Fall

The fall season offers many of the same advantages to boaters as spring does. Less congested waterways, boat ramps and fuel docks and so on. But boating into the fall offers other benefits of its own.

Boating on fall advantages

Extended Quality Boating Time

By continuing to boat into the fall, you get more weeks or even months of quality boating time. You don’t have to feel compelled to take your boat out every weekend like during the summer months to get the most out of it, making for a more relaxed boating season.

Boating into fall also means enjoying trips in cooler, calmer conditions. No more sweltering heat to take the edge off the enjoyment, nor worrying about violent thunderstorms and poor boating conditions typical of summer season. 

Boating in fall benefits fishing

Fall is the best season of all for fishing in some climates. Many species of fish take the onset of fall to migrate, and these migrations lead to rivers, bays and coastlines teeming with fish.

Perhaps the best thing about boating in fall is the spectacular autumn scenery you get to enjoy. Trees turning to yellows, oranges and reds and the calmer, flatter waters reflecting those colors create a blissful backdrop for boaters.

Tips for Fall Boating

The extra precautions you should take when boating in fall are pretty much the same as for boating during spring and during winter.

Fall boating season tips

Bring plenty of layers of clothing to keep warm if the temperature unexpectedly drops, or if you’re out on your boat longer than expected and get exposed to colder evening weather.

Wear a personal flotation device at all times, especially since falling overboard into cold autumn water can shock the body. A lifejacket or other PFD helps you remain afloat until you can be brought back onboard. Less boaters nearby also means less available help, so make sure you file a float plan. That way people on land can initiate a search if you don’t return on time.

Prep your Boat for Winterization

Fall is a good time to prepare your boat for winter storage. Take advantage of the cooler weather to winterize your boat if you haven’t already. An oil change, new spark plugs, inspecting the cooling system and replacing worn anodes are all maintenance tasks you need to get done before putting your boat away for the offseason. 




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