How to Go Boating with a Dog

Dogs can develop an affinity for being out on the water, and getting a pooch to go boating with you is a fantastic way to show them something new they can enjoy for life. 

Boating with dogs

But getting set to go boating with your dog requires a little preparation so that your pup feels comfortable and safe. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you take your dog on its first boating trip.

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Dog Boating Provisions

  • Canine PFD: Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs can swim. Whether your dog can or can’t swim, you should always have a pet vest available for each dog onboard. Find one that fits your dog and has a handle you can use to grab ahold of them and to pick him/her up out of the water easily. 

Boating with dogs pet life vest

  • Food and water dishes: Like humans, dogs will get hungry and thirsty on boating trips. Keep a couple of dog dishes on board, with plenty of food and water, of course.
  • Treats: Dogs associate treats with a rewarding experience, so keep plenty of your dog’s favorite snacks onboard to make the trip more enjoyable.
  • Toys: Keep a good chew toy or three onboard for your dog(s) to play with if they get bored while your boat is anchored.
  • Soft bed: Make sure your dog(s) have a soft comfortable spot to rest on when they’re not swimming or moving about. 

Boating with dogs Bimini top

Keep in mind that dogs can get hot and even sunburnt, so if your boat doesn’t have a Bimini top, make sure you provide a shaded spot your canine can use to get out of the sun.

Additional Tips for Boating with Dogs

Teach your dog(s) to stay seated close to you while the boat is in motion. This way you can grab ahold of them if they slide around or try to jump off the boat.

Boating with dogs tips

Also, make sure your dog(s) go potty before getting on the boat. If your dog is pad-trained, keep plenty of pee pads onboard just in case they need to go potty again while onboard.




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