How to Prevent Mold on a Boat

Mold and mildew can cause major problems on a boat. From odor to damage, mold comes with annoyances and unwanted expenses to get rid of it. 

Boat mold growth prevention tips

Getting your boat out of the water isn't enough to prevent mold and mildew growth. Here are two ways to prevent mold from plaguing your boat.

Keep Moisture Out

The best way to prevent mold is to reduce the amount of moisture below deck. When you have humidity and just enough warmth in the air, mold will grow. 

Boat mold prevention tips

The simplest way to reduce moisture is to eliminate leaks. Check portlights, hatches and windows for leaks, and get them sealed. Anywhere the hull has a hole is a place where water can get in, so inspect the hull often. Clogged scuppers that don't allow water to drain properly can also be the source of moisture that leads to mold, so make sure to inspect them regularly and unclog them.

Buy mold and mildew cleaner

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Circulate the Air 

Mold thrives in enclosed environments. When you close down hatches and leave the air stagnant in your boat, you've turned it into a petri dish. Use powered boat ventilation on your boat to keep air moving and prevent moisture buildup. If your boat has lockers, keep them open, and use chemical dehumidifiers to absorb ambient moisture.

Preventing Mold on a Boat

The bottom line is you have to keep your boat dry, and the air inside and around it circulating. It's that simple. If you do see mold growth on your boat, use mold and mildew cleaners to kill it before it spreads. 

Mold is just one form of corrosion found on a boat. Another boat-ravaging form of corrosion caused by water and humidity is rust. Watch the video above to learn about how to prevent corrosion on an outboard




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