Why Get Jet Ski Fenders

The best way to protect your jet ski or other PWC when it’s docked is to add fenders to it. Fenders and bumpers protect your jet ski by providing a barrier or cushion between your machine and the dock or another nearby watercraft.

Jet ski protection why get fenders

They’re small PWC accessories that serve the same purpose as dock bumpers hanging over the side of the dock itself. However, dock bumpers may not always be available, so it’s best to have your own jet ski damage protection. 

Jet Ski Fender Benefits

File this under “pretty self-explanatory,” but the benefit of having fenders on your jet ski is to protect it from damage such as dents and scratches as a result of banging against the docks or other watercraft. Pretty straightforward. 

Jet ski protection fenders

When your jet ski is docked, anything from the wind to the wake from other boats is going to make it bump around. Jet ski fenders protect your machine from damage by attaching to the side of your watercraft and cushioning the blows. Again, pretty straightforward, but there are different types of jet ski fenders to consider. 

Jet Ski Fender Types

Hook Fender

The hook PWC fender looks exactly how it sounds: a hook. The bottom part hooks under the rub rail of the jet ski to secure it in place and conform to its shape. Hook fenders are usually inflatable and have a valve for air pressure adjustment. They’re durable, simple, flexible, and easy to put away.

Hook PWC fender

Hull hugger PWC fender

Hull Hugger Fenders

The hull hugger fender type hooks under the rub rail with a hinge in the center for protection and flexibility, while the top connects to a cleat or ski eye via strap. Hull huggers attach to the front or rear of your PWC with ease. Some hull hugger fenders attach to jet skis with large suction cups on the top and bottom of each fender for easy removal or quick docking.

Hull hugger jet ski fenders

Classic boat PWC fenders

Classic Fender

The other common jet ski fender type is also pretty much what it sounds like: a traditional cylinder-shaped fender typically used on boats. Classic fenders (or bumpers) are attached with ropes and come in a variety of sizes to protect boats as well as jet skis. They usually hang off the side of a watercraft and are often the cheapest fender type available. 

PWC jet ski protection fenders and bumpers

If you own a jet ski, fenders are a must-have PWC accessory. They’re easy to use and can save you hundreds of dollars in costly repairs. Speaking of repairs, both Boats.net and our sister site Partzilla.com carry discounted parts and accessories to repair and protect your personal watercraft, including parts for popular brands like Sea-Doo and Yamaha Waverunner.


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