5 Fun Things to Keep Kids Entertained on a Boat

Boating is a fun family activity that often includes kids. And while children can have a great time on the water, sometimes being on the boat while it’s in motion can be a drag for them.

Kids boating checklist

That’s why it’s always a good idea to think about ways to keep kids entertained while you’re on the boat doing grownup stuff. Without including the usual stuff like life jackets, a first-aid kit and other essential boating safety accessories, here’s are 5 things to keep kids entertained on a boating trip.

#1: Water Toys

We’re talking about kids here, so of course toys is #1. Children love toys, regardless of the environment. A hand-held electronic gaming system will do while the boat is in motion, but you’ll want to bring toys they can enjoy in and out of the water while the boat is anchored. 

Airhead lob the blob inflatable cornhole game

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Pick out toys that are boat- or water-specific such as an inflatable cornhole table or a squirt cannon that can stay on the boat after the trip is over. Even if your children don’t get excited about boating, those toys they only see while on the boat might do the trick.

#2: Music Accessories

Music is for everyone including kids, especially older ones. And who doesn’t love to play DJ? Encourage your children to create their own playlists for the boat trip, and have everyone take turns playing their selections. A marine stereo with Bluetooth makes it easy for your kids to take over DJ duties on the boat with their smartphones.

Boating fin for kids music

Boat Fun for Kids Backup Items

Ok, so we know that with smartphones and social media, the next few items on our checklist might seem obsolete when it comes to modern day kids. However, Wi-Fi is notorious for dropping on boats, and smartphones that aren’t waterproof can get wet and die. So can the battery on any kind of phone. Here are a few backup items to bring when the technology kids can’t live without fails.

Kids boating checklist phone

#3: Nature Books

There’s a fascinating world of marine wildlife both above and below your boat. So when your kids can’t “Google it”, a couple of bird and fish identification books will come in handy to help kids engage with the wildlife surrounding them. Coloring books work here too.

#4: Journal

A journal is a great way for kids to record what’s going on out on the boat if the Wi-Fi fails. They can document all of the memories they’re making out on the water — like the sizes of the fish they caught — then use their journal along with the next item on our list to share it on social media when they get home.

Kids boating checklist fishing

#5: Waterproof Camera

No camera phone? No problem! Kids can still take pictures of frolics and wildlife with a waterproof camera. Everyone loves pictures, and individual cameras are cheap now that everyone has smartphone cameras. Make sure to bring children’s snorkeling gear for them to capture those all-important underwater action shots and selfies, as well as a waterproof bag with a lanyard so they can easily retrieve the camera in the water and keep it from sinking. 

Kids boating checklist waterproof camera

Got kids who will be following in your footsteps as future boat owners? Watch the video below to learn about some kid-friendly repairs for them to (ahem), get their feet wet.



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