Mercury 200XL Verado - Driveshaft Seals Replacement

After removing the lower unit from your Mercury outboard, you should replace the oil seals and the impeller in one go. 

While replacing certain parts might be easy, removing the lower unit to get to where they are is the hard part. With the lower unit removed, take advantage of the opportunity to replace all the seals at once, so you won’t have to drop the gearcase from your outboard as often.

Follow the steps below and watch the video above to learn how to replace an outboard’s driveshaft seals. 

Mercury 200 outboard lower unit

NOTE: We used a Mercury 200XL Verado, but the steps are the same or similar for most Mercury outboard motors.

Tools and Parts Needed – Mercury 200 Input Shaft Seal Replacement


  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer


  • Lower unit seal kit
  • 2-4-C grease

NOTE: The driveshaft seals and O-rings are not sold separately, so you’ll have to buy the complete lower unit seal kit, which includes all the seals, gaskets and O-rings for the shift shaft, as well as the prop shaft.

Before you can replace the shift shaft seals, you must remove the lower unit and the water pump from your outboard. Watch the videos below to see how to get both done. 

How to Replace Mercury 200XL Verado Driveshaft Seals

Step 1. Press down on the driveshaft oil seal carrier to remove the tension on the retaining ring that holds it in place. Use a metal collar if you have one the correct size, or carefully tap down on the carrier with a hammer and screwdriver.

Mercury Verado 200 driveshaft seal replacement

Step 2. Pry out the retaining ring and lift the oil seal carrier up and off the driveshaft.

Watch the clip below to see the disassembly segment of our Mercury 200XL Verado Driveshaft Seals video.

Step 3. Thoroughly clean the housing in the lower unit where the oil seal carrier sits. 

NOTE: Be careful not to force any debris down into the lower unit as you clean the housing.

Step 4. Pack the inside of the new oil seal carrier (included in the lower unit seal kit) with 2-4-C marine grease, and coat the outer O-ring with the same grease.

Mercury 200 outboard driveshaft seal change

Step 5. Slide the oil seal carrier down onto the driveshaft and into the housing in the lower unit, and gently tap it down to the point you can reinstall the retaining ring.

Step 6. Reinstall the retaining ring to secure the oil seal carrier in place.

Watch the clip below to see the reassembly segment of our Mercury 200XL Verado Driveshaft Seals video.

Ready to reinstall the lower unit after replacing the driveshaft seals?  Watch the video below to see the Mercury 200XL Verado lower unit installation.




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