Mercury 200XL Verado Lower Unit Remount

After making repairs such as replacing the water pump or installing new driveshaft seals and prop shaft seals on a Mercury outboard, the lower unit needs to be reinstalled.

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to reinstall the lower unit on a Mercury Verado 200 XL outboard. Use our Mercury Verado driveshaft housing parts diagram for additional reference. 

Tools and Parts – Mercury 200 Gearcase Remount

NOTE: We worked on a Mercury 200XL Verado, but the process is the same or similar for most outboard motors.

Mercury Quicksilver marine grease

Mercury outboard anode

How to Remount Mercury 200XL Verado Lower Unit 

Step 1. Slide the driveshaft housing spacer back over the driveshaft and onto the lower unit.

Mercury 200XL Verado lower unit install

Step 2. Clean and grease the driveshaft splines, and apply a thin coating of grease to the entire length of the driveshaft. Also, grease the shift shaft splines.

Mercury 200 lower unit remount

Step 3. Slide the lower unit up over the four mounting studs protruding from the driveshaft housing.

Mercury 200 outboard gearcase remount

Step 4. Take the speedometer hanging from the driveshaft housing, then reach down into the lower unit and reconnect the speedometer tube.

Mercury 200 lower unit mounting

Step 5. Slide the lower unit up fully, making sure the shift shaft is aligned and engages with the driveshaft housing.

Step 6. Install and hand-tighten one of the 19mm mounting nuts and washers onto the mounting studs to temporarily hold the lower unit in place.

Mercury 200 lower unit mounting

Step 7. Install the other three 19mm nuts and washers onto the mounting studs, then install the 19mm lower unit mounting bolt up through the rear of the gearcase.

Mercury 200XL lower unit mounting

Step 8. Torque the four nuts and the mounting bolt to 55 foot-pounds.

Step 9. Apply blue threadlocker to the anode bolt, then reinstall the anode under the rear of the gearcase or replace it with a brand new one. Torque the anode bolt to 40 foot-pounds and you’re done.

Mercury 200 outboard gearcase mounting

PRO TIP: Tape the anode bolt to the socket just enough to prevent it from falling down through the driveshaft housing and spacer as you’re installing it.

Mercury Verado 200 outboard gearcase mounting




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