Mercury 200XL Verado - Removing the Lower Unit

Planning on doing your own Mercury outboard maintenance jobs? If the answer is “yes”, you need to learn how to remove the lower unit. Whenever you need to repair the impeller and water pump, or replace the driveshaft, shift shaft or prop shaft oil seals, you’ll have to remove the lower unit (gearcase) to access them.

Removing the lower unit from an outboard is pretty simple. Follow the steps below and watch the video above to learn how to remove the lower unit from a Mercury 200 outboard. 

NOTE: We used a Mercury 200XL Verado motor, but the steps are the same or similar for most outboard engines.

Tools Needed – Mercury 200 Verado Lower Unit Removal

  • Ratchet and extensions
  • 19mm socket

Buy OEM Mercury 200 outboard parts

Buy OEM Mercury outboard parts

How to Remove Mercury 200XL Verado Lower Unit 

Step 1. Remove the top cowling, the rear cover assembly and both side chaps.

Mercury Verado 200XL lower unit removal

Mercury Verado 200 lower unit removal

Step 2. Remove the oil fill cap so the system can vent, then position a drain pan beneath the oil drain bolt and remove the drain bolt.

Mercury 200 outboard lower unit removal

Step 3. Reinstall the drain bolt and replace the oil fill cap once the oil has drained out.

Mercury 200 outboard lower unit removal drain bolt

Step 4. Remove the anode beneath the gearcase by removing the mounting nut directly above it, which runs through the driveshaft housing and driveshaft housing spacer. With the anode removed, you can now access the 19mm lower unit mounting bolt under the gearcase.

Mercury 200 outboard lower unit removal anode

Mercury 200 outboard lower unit removal anode bolt

Step 5. Position a stand to support the gearcase and remove the four 19mm mounting nuts from the lower unit mounting studs.

Mercury 200 lower unit removal

Step 6. Remove three of the 19mm nuts and washers. Support the lower unit as you remove the fourth 19mm nut and washer, so the lower unit can only drop a few inches. Reach into the lower unit and release the speedometer tube at the front.

Mercury Verado lower unit removal

Step 7. Remove the lower unit from the outboard and you’re done.

As mentioned earlier, there are many outboard maintenance jobs you can do after removing the lower unit, including water pump repairs. Watch the video above to see how to replace a Mercury 200XL Verado water pump and impeller