Mercury Outboard Fuel System Repairs & Maintenance Video Playlist

Here at, we’ve published multiple videos and articles related to all kinds of boat and outboard maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting.

Mercury outboard fuel system repairs

Besides specializing in selling outboard parts, we’ve also published many outboard maintenance and repair videos and articles. For this playlist, we’ve compiled a handful of our videos dedicated to Mercury outboard and general fuel-system related repairs and maintenance.

Mercury 40 HP Outboard Fuel System Rebuild  

Watch the video above to see how to rebuild the fuel system on a Mercury 40HP four-stroke outboard. Our Mercury outboard motor hadn’t run in a while, so we knew going in there were going to be issues. What we didn’t know was the motor would be missing a fuel pump. See how to get the fuel pump on the Mercury 40 outboard replaced, and then dig deeper into the fuel system to see how to remove the VST and open it to inspect its components. We replace the VST pump and the float needle, and then get the tank closed back up and reinstalled.

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Mercury 40HP 2-Stroke Outboard Fuel Pump Rebuild

Watch the video above to see how to do a Mercury 40HP two-stroke outboard fuel pump rebuild. We did a lot of work on this unit, so a lot of parts were removed. However, you’ll see how easy it is to remove the fuel pump from this two-stroke Mercury Tracker outboard. This unit has nylon check valves that are the same as the ones in the kit, and they basically snap in and out with small retaining pins. From there, we re-stack the layers of the fuel pump, adding in new gaskets and a diaphragm.

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Fuel Filter vs Fuel Water Separator 

Watch the video above to learn about the differences between fuel filters and fuel-water separators. Take a look at some different kinds of fuel water separators with an explanation of how they work, and which types work for different marine applications.

Learn about fuel flow rate and how it impacts the types of filters you choose. If you choose a filter that can’t fully accommodate the flow of the fuel pump, you may be leaving performance on the table by choking off some fuel flow to your engine. You’ll also learn about whether or not it’s necessary to use a fuel-water separator when using removable fuel tanks that aren’t out on the boat.

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Outboard Idle Problems Engine Won’t Stay Running

Watch the video above to learn about what to check when your outboard idles and then dies. See where to start looking if your outboard dies when it’s at idle. Depending on whether your boat has a carburetor or fuel injector, that’s where you’re going to start. Learn about how to work your way back through the fuel and air intake systems to find possible reasons why your outboard won’t idle properly. 

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