How to Change Moomba Mobius Oil

Nothing takes care of your boat’s motor like an oil change. A boat needs regular oil changes just like a car needs them, and it’s pretty straightforward basic maintenance. 

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to do an oil change on a Moomba Mobius LSV engine.

Tools and Supplies Needed - Moomba Mobius LSV Oil Change

How to change Moomba Mobius oil

Moomba Mobius Oil Change

Step 1. Run the engine for a couple of minutes to warm up the oil, which makes it easier to drain from the engine. 

Step 2. Drain the oil. For this step, you have a couple of options. 

  • Option 1. Take the drain hose and run it out the drain plug in the transom and wait. 
  • Option 2. Use a fluid extractor to remove the fluid through either the drain hose or the dipstick opening. Open the cap on the extractor tube with a wrench. Next, run a tube from the extractor down into the drain hose and into the engine. The closer the tube is to the inside diameter of the drain hose the better, as it helps to create a seal.  

Moomba Mobius oil change

Moomba Mobius boat oil change

Follow the instructions for the fluid extractor to remove the oil, or simply run the hose to the drain plug in the transom and wait. Because of the narrow diameter of the drain hose, this method could take a while. 

Moomba Mobius oil change drain oil

Step 3. Remove the extractor tube and reinstall the cap on the drain hose. 

Moomba Mobius engine oil change

Step 4. Fill the engine with oil. 

Moomba Mobius motor oil change

PRO TIP: The oil fill is a little tough to get to, so a long, skinny funnel works best. We used 4 quarts of a 25W40 full synthetic oil from Mercury, but there are other options to choose from based on your boat’s operating conditions.

Step 5. Remove the old oil filter, which is located near the front of the motor on the starboard side. 

Moomba Mobius oil change service

PRO TIP: Break the filter loose with an oil filter wrench, then get a zip lock bag underneath it to unthread and remove it, as some oil will spill out and the bag will catch it.

Step 6. Replace the oil filter. Fill the new filter with oil first to prime it, then smear a light coat of oil around the seal on the top of the filter. Next, thread the filter into place hand-tight, then use an oil filter wrench to add about another half-turn. 

Moomba Mobius oil filter change

Moomba Mobius oil filter installation

Step 7. Top the engine off with oil after installing the filter if necessary. 

Moomba Mobius motor oil change service

Step 8. Check the oil level after you’ve run the engine for a few minutes and the oil has circulated. Top off the oil if necessary and you’re done.



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