3 Reasons to Buy an Outboard Motor Cover

Got a cover to protect your boat from the elements when it’s not in use? Perfect! But what about covers for the outboard engines that power your boat? 

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It’s hard to believe, but that motor hanging off the back of the transom is sometimes worth more than the actual boat it’s attached to. And even if it’s not, the outboard should still be protected like the boat. Here are three reasons you should get an individual cover for every outboard engine you own.

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Reason #1: Protection Against Fading

Repeated exposure to UV rays will cause the top and lower cowling on an outboard to fade over time. The painted plastic used to make outboard cowlings is notoriously prone to sun-fading. If you’re planning to sell your boat with the outboard engines attached, nothing says “I neglect my boat” more than a chalky, bleached-out motor for everyone to see. An outboard cover is the perfect way to protect engine cowlings. 

Outboard engine covers sun protection

Reason #2: Protection While Trailering

Stones and gravel kicked up by your vehicle’s and trailer’s tires will easily gouge and chip your outboard. Even small dust particles can have the effect of sand-blasting your outboard when you’re trailering your boat at moderate speeds. Outboard covers are designed to protect against flying debris from the road or elsewhere.

Outboard engine covers protection

Reason #3: Protection Against Accidental Damage

Chafing from towing or mooring ropes; scratches from errant fishing hooks and lures; or any accidental chips, scrapes and gouges can be avoided by fitting a vented cover to the outboard. 

Vented covers are designed to be left on even while the outboard is running, providing 24/7 protection to the cowling. Buy a vented cover for your outboard and you can simply leave it on for cowling protection while the engine gets splashed. 

Speaking of the cowling and its decals, if you haven’t protected your outboard motor and its decals are in need of replacing, watch the video above to see how to remove and replace outboard decals. 



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