How to Find Outboard Serial Numbers Playlist

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How to find outboard serial numbers

Sometimes we’ll also publish content that explains how to find information on boat and outboard parts. For this playlist, we’ve compiled a few videos on how to find serial numbers and dimensions, including Mercury and Yamaha outboard serial numbers, as well as propeller sizes. Here is our How to Find playlist of videos. 

How to Find: Mercury Outboard Serial Number

When you’re looking to buy Mercury outboard parts, you need to find the serial number on your outboard motor. In the video above, expert John Talley shows you where to find the serial number on a Mercury outboard. The serial number is found on the transom assembly, and it’s a good idea to take a picture of it or write it down for when it’s time to order parts. That’s because over time, the label gets dirty and worn, and the numbers may become difficult to read. Once you have the serial number written down, ordering parts for your Mercury outboard becomes easier. The label where the serial number is found also gives you other vital information like the year, model, max RPMs, the horsepower, and the weight of the motor, and you’ll learn how to read this information in the video above.

How to Find: Yamaha Outboard Serial Number

The serial number is crucial to finding the parts you need for a Yamaha outboard. In the video above, John Talley shows you how to find the serial number on a Yamaha outboard motor, which is basically where to find it on all of outboards. The first place to look for the serial number on an outboard is somewhere on the transom assembly, since this is traditionally where manufacturers place it. It’s always a good idea to photograph and/or write the serial number of your Yamaha outboard and keep it somewhere safe so that you’ll have it ready when it’s time to order new parts.

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How to Find: Outboard Propeller Size

In the video above, John Talley shows you how to find boat/outboard propeller sizes. Where to find the the prop diameter and pitch depends on the manufacturer. The prop dimensions can be stamped or etched in any number of places on the propeller, depending on who made it. When it comes time to replace a propeller or get prop parts for it, you’ll need this information, which can get harder to read as the prop spends more time in the water and starts to wear. You’ll want to record these prop dimensions so you can have them readily available when it matters.

The video above shows you how to find the prop size dimensions for the following manufacturers:

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