How Outboard Parts Work Playlist has published multiple videos and articles about all kinds of boat and outboard maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting, including how to repair and maintain various outboard makes and models.

How It Works outboard parts

On occasion, we’ll also publish content that explains how things work. For this playlist, we’ve compiled a few videos on how several things work on an outboard, including the ignition system, the lower unit and anodes. Here is our outboard parts How It Works playlist of videos. 

How It Works: Outboard Ignition System

How does an outboard ignition system work?  In the video above, outboard motor expert John Talley guides you through the parts that make up an outboard’s ignition system. He explains the role each part plays, from charging the battery so that it can start the motor, to powering the spark that ignites the fuel inside the engine. John also covers some of the innovations in modern outboards that change how the ignition system works. This video guide helps you find out which parts of your outboard’s ignition system may be causing problems, and how to rule out the ones that aren’t.

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How It Works: Outboard Lower Unit

How does an outboard’s lower unit (gearcase) work? Knowing how the lower unit works is an important part of doing your own maintenance and repairs on an outboard engine. In the video above, outboard motor expert Garrett Sifford uses a lower unit cutaway to show you precisely how the gearcase works in an outboard engine. He walks you through the lower unit from the drive shaft, through the water pump, and into the gearbox, to demonstrate how power is transferred from an outboard motor to the water. 

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How It Works: Outboard Anodes

Anodes are often referred to as “sacrificial anodes” for a reason. Their purpose is to serve as the first line of defense for protecting an outboard engine from corrosion. In the video above, John Talley explains how anodes work, including what part they play in protecting an outboard motor from several types of corrosion that can eat away at it. John guides you through several different types of anodes, and explains what the telltale signs are for when it is time to replace zinc anodes on an outboard engine.

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