Performance Boats Pros and Cons

Performance boats are apex predators out on the water. When it comes to speed, power, and maneuverability, these machines deliver and then some. 

Performance boats pros and cons

There are several types of performance boats: pure race boats, high-end exotics, and a class of performance boats with a slightly more approachable price tag. The more affordable ones get the owner into a higher plain of performance bracket without completely breaking the bank. Here are some of the pros and cons of high performance boats.

Advantages of a Performance Boat

It’s fast. That’s why you get one. Out on the water, with no speed limits or stop signs, there’s lots of room to open the throttle and go. 

Performance boats pros

It’s the kind of boat other people will notice and ask about, and having one places you in a fun fraternity of like-minded boaters. From a design standpoint, these machines are built to withstand a lot more punishment than the average boat. For this kind of boating, having more horsepower isn’t enough. You need a boat that can deal with extreme punishment.

Disadvantages of a Performance Boat

They can be pricey. Not only do performance boats sport higher sticker prices, but the maintenance can be more expensive since the engines require a more delicate touch. 

Performance boat cons

People who run these boats generally have fewer hours on them, and the cost per hour to keep it on the water can be quite high. So can the insurance, and these boats need to be stored on a lift or trailered because the hull has to stay clean to perform.

Performance boats also lose their value quickly. Boat technology is constantly evolving, which means boaters willing to pay a top price for a performance boat often seek out the latest-and-greatest. And a boat that gets punished hard is of great concern for a buyer considering a used boat. 

High performance boats pros and cons

Speed isn’t for everyone either. The rough ride can scare passengers off, and depending on the height of the seas, how fast you can safely travel without catching air varies.

Should You Buy a Performance Boat?

If you have money and a craving for speed, this boat type is for you. Performance is the selling point, and it comes at the expense of heavy creature comforts that can cut down speed. If you want to fish or socialize, this is probably not the boat for you. But if you’re looking to wind out the throttle, these boats are a blast.




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