6 Must-Have Accessories for Your PWC

There’s a seemingly endless supply of accessories for your personal watercraft. Everything you might need, in just about every shape, color and style is out there. 

Personal watercraft accessories must-have

While you’re mulling over what are essential accessories for your PWC, don’t forget a handful of must-have accessories that often get overlooked. Here are six PWC accessories you should never go in the water without.

1. PWC Dock Lines

A PWC is small, so you’ll probably only need a couple of dock lines. Look for lines about 12 feet long with a loop on one end so they can attach to the tow eye, bow and stern or even around the handlebar, and the other end can be cleated off.

PWC accessories fenders dock lines

2. PWC Fenders

If you’re going to park it, you should protect it. Fenders protect your ride from dings, dents, and scratches. Models that clip or snap into place work best, since they’ll do a better job of staying in place on the awkward hull of a PWC. 

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3. PWC Boarding Steps

Most modern PWC units include a boarding step, particularly larger models. If yours doesn’t have at least one boarding step, you’ll definitely want to add one. When going for a swim or simply falling off your machine, getting back on your personal watercraft without a step to aid you can be a pesky challenge.

PWC accessories boarding step

4. Cooler Bag

If you’re going out for a day on the water, you’ll want something to keep you cool and hydrated. A small cooler bag can make a big difference, so find one that fits in a storage compartment on your PWC. By keeping ice and the water contained, you’ll be able to keep other cargo dry too. Or consider an inflatable cooler instead. Pick one you can tie to your PWC and fit into a storage compartment when it’s deflated. Just remember to bring an air pump, and to clean up your cans and cups when you’re finished. 

Airhead Aqua Oasis inflatable cooler

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5. Dry Bag

Get a dry bag to keep your personal items dry. It’s the best line of defense when you’re trying to keep clothing or electronics from getting wet while you’re out on the water. There are smaller dry bags available for phones, cameras, and other portable electronics as well. We’re sure you’ve heard some horror stories of people ruining their precious phones out on the water or even losing them, so make sure the dry bag has a clip-on lanyard and floats. 

6. Engine Flusher

Many personal watercraft come with one, but if you don’t have a flush kit for your PWC, you need to get one. Corrosion and clogs in coolant lines can do a number on the motor, and the easiest way to prevent both is by keeping the engine flushed.

PWC engine

These are just a handful of things to keep in mind when supplying your personal watercraft with accessories. Boats.net has many more accessories available for your PWC not listed here. Visit the Accessories section of our site to find everything you need for your boat or personal watercraft. 


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