Why Choose Solas Propellers

Buying the right propeller for your boat has a huge impact on its performance, and that includes choosing a quality prop brand. There are several reasons to upgrade your boat’s propeller to a Solas

First off, most boats come equipped standard with a generic 3-blade, medium pitch, aluminum propeller. These props are fine all-round performers, but don’t excel at any one thing. If you often use your boat in a specific way, you’ll want to choose a prop that fits that purpose. For example, if you run your boat offshore often, you’ll want to upgrade to a 4-blade prop for more bite in rougher waters. If you often go boating in shallow water where prop strikes are common, upgrading to a stronger stainless steel prop will better suit your needs.

Solas Means Quality

Boats.net recommends Solas propellers for their unparalleled quality, as well as the positive feedback we get from customers. The vast options Solas offers pretty much guarantees you’ll find a prop to fit your boating needs. 

Solas brand line of propellers

With hundreds of propellers in various diameters, pitches, and blade counts and materials, there’s a Solas prop for everyone. Solas produces propellers to precise specifications, and they’re second-to-none in quality. The manufacturer does everything in-house, from the initial research and design, to prototyping, testing and final product. This enables Solas to refine and perfect its processes, never relying on third-party suppliers. 

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Solas developed a casting process that involves a pressing technique, which squeezes out any voids in the stainless steel or aluminum. By doing so, the prop’s blades are thinner but stronger, and thus generate less drag and more bite. Other innovations include special coatings on Solas’ aluminum propellers to protect them against saltwater corrosion, while the stainless steel props include a proprietary mixture of chromium, nickel and molybdenum that also make them highly resistant to corrosion.

Solas stainless steel propellers

Solas’ rigorous standards of quality has earned them the highly coveted ISO 9001 (quality assurance in design and development) and ISO 9002 (quality assurance in production) certifications. With their proven track record of accolades and success, we have good reason to merit Solas their own brand spotlight here. 

Solas aluminum propellers

To find the right Solas propeller for your boat, visit the Solas website and use their Prop Finder tool. Simply input your boat’s details, and the Prop Finder will show you all the Solas propellers suited to those specs. Jot down the part number of the propeller you want, then come back to Boats.net and add the part number into our search bar to buy your new Solas propeller.



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