Things to Know About Underwater Scooters

When snorkeling, scuba diving or freediving, you only have so much underwater time to enjoy based on the oxygen in your lungs or tank. Underwater scooters help you increase that underwater enjoyment. 

Underwater scooters things to know before you buy

Underwater scooters aka diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs) aka sea scooters are mechanically propelled vessels that make underwater exploration effortless. They give people the ability to glide through the water with ease. Exerting less energy and therefore conserving oxygen helps divers stay underwater and explore longer. 

Underwater scooters are popular due to their ability to transport divers quickly and more efficiently down into the depths of the sea or a lake, allowing more leeway to experience the sights down below. If you’re interested in buying an underwater scooter, here are some things you should know. 

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What is an underwater scooter? 

As mentioned, an underwater scooter is a water-propelled device that enables snorkelers, free divers and scuba divers an easy way to glide underwater with minimal effort.

Underwater sea scooter what it is

Sea scooters are appealing not only because they’re a lot of fun, but also because they require little energy to explore underwater sights. Less energy exertion because there’s no feet kicking or arm stroking needed to move around, and therefore less oxygen usage and more to see underwater before having to resurface.

Underwater scooters are lightweight and portable, which makes them especially handy for scuba divers carrying extra loads. They’re versatile pieces of diving equipment that can be enjoyed in lakes, seas and even swimming pools. Depending on the model, you can use underwater scooters for anything from beach dives to underwater cave and shipwreck explorations. 

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How does an underwater scooter work?

Underwater scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries, and use a propeller or two (depending on the model) to maneuver riders underwater with ease. 

Underwater scooter how it works

Sea scooters come in varieties that can be operated with two hands, one hand or no hands. The on/off switch is located at the handlebar, and the scooter stops moving when you let go. Many DPVs come with an automatic shut off that cuts off the motor if you let it go, much like a boat engine kill switch. To maneuver an underwater scooter, you simply steer it with your body.

Are sea scooters safe for beginners?

Yes, but as with any piece of equipment, there are safety precautions. Some sea scooters — typically the higher end models — are designed for pros with experience diving deeper. If you’re new to riding a sea scooter, you might want to start with a cheaper model not designed to go too deep, just until you get more experience. And if you’re concerned about precautions, check for DPV safety courses offered in your area. 

Sea scooters safe for beginners

But in general, yes, sea scooters are safe for beginners. If you’re using one to go on deep dives, be mindful of ascending to the surface too fast due to decompression sickness. Also, never go deeper with an underwater scooter than you would if you were diving or snorkeling without one. Never go without a friend either. Use the buddy system just in case your sea scooter fails and you’re left stranded, so you can hitch a ride back. 

Are underwater scooters safe for kids?

Yes, but with recommended adult supervision, and everything discussed in the previous section applies. Also, there are scooter models designed for children, so you might want to get one of those for your kids. 

How much do underwater scooters weigh?

Sea scooters are lightweight and portable, and usually don’t weigh more than a few pounds. However, some of the more advanced models can weigh close to 50 lbs. But in general, underwater scooters are easy to carry and store. 

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How deep can an underwater scooter go?

This also depends on the model, but some of the more high-end underwater scooters can go 100+ feet deep. Of course, these are the more expensive sea scooters designed for the pros. The cheaper run-of-the-mill scooters are typically limited to depths of about 15 feet. 

How fast can sea scooters go?

Most underwater scooters have 3 mph to 6 mph top speeds. They’re meant to move slowly, that way if you slip away or let go by accident, the scooter won’t escape you and you can easily get it back.

Underwater sea scooter how deep can it go

Do underwater scooters require maintenance?

Like any other piece of mechanical equipment, sea scooters require maintenance to last longer. It’s recommended to wash your DPV and flush out the propeller(s) in fresh water for about 30 seconds after every use, especially if you rode it in saltwater. Doing so helps get the salt off the unit to prevent corrosion. Rinse the scooter off with fresh water, then use a soft brush to get the gunk out and rinse it off again. 

If you’re storing a sea scooter for an extended period of time, put it in a dry, dark place after washing and drying it. Make sure to charge the battery every few months, or keep it on a trickle charger so that it’s ready to go whenever.

How long does a sea scooter battery last?

Most underwater scooters can run on one battery charge for about an hour, but the really expensive models could go up to 4 hours before they need to be recharged. 

Underwater scooter deep dive

How much does an underwater scooter cost?

Lower-end scooter models are usually in the $300-$400 range. Obviously the higher end the model, the higher the price, and that can be affected by factors like how deep and fast it goes, how long the battery lasts, and whether it comes with accessories like a built-in underwater camera mount

  • As of this writing (our catalog is subject to change), we carry Yamaha Seascooters in prices ranging from $333 - $1060. 

Are underwater scooters eco-friendly?

Sea scooters are typically quiet and therefore not disruptive to marine wildlife. They’re battery-powered, so they don’t emit fumes or leak fuel. You can slowly glide through and enjoy the wonders of underwater seascapes in an eco-friendly way with a DPV. Just be mindful of marine wildlife and other divers as you would without a sea scooter.

Underwater scooters eco-friendly

Choosing the best sea scooter for you

To find a sea scooter for your needs, choose one that best suits your level of experience. That means if you’re a beginner, you might want to start with a cheaper, lower-depth model until you get experience with deeper dives. Also, consider the features, price and included accessories before you buy. If you have children whom you want to go “sea-scootering” with, either buy a slower user-friendly model anybody can use, or get a separate kid-friendly model instead.

Choosing an underwater scooter

Do Your Research

Before you buy a sea scooter from us or anybody else, do your research. There are many makes and models to choose from, and it’s up to you to do your due diligence by reading and/or watching product reviews before you buy.




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