4 Reasons for Choosing a Teak Deck

Trying to decide whether to spend extra money on a teak deck for your boat? Well, there are plenty of great reasons why you should choose teak. 

Why choose teak deck for your boat

Sure, teak is generally more expensive than a synthetic material like fiberglass, but a cared-for teak deck will outlast a synthetic deck by years, maybe even decades. Long-term money savings aside, teak is what master boat builders have been making boat decks with for centuries because it’s more than just visually appealing. Think of teak for a deck as you would a diamond for a ring. In other words, would a cubic zirconia ring really cut it for the person you intend to marry? What about a synthetic deck for your bride of the seas? Here are 4 compelling reasons to choose teak for your boat’s deck. 

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#1 – Teak Decks are Durable

Teak is one of the hardest woods in the world, so its strength is not in question. Although it does have its problems, teak has other properties that make it incredibly durable. 

Why choose teak wood for boat deck

The wood itself has a high content of natural oil that makes it resilient against water, which of course is ideal for a boat! Teak oil also makes this wood resistant to fungus, rotting, termites and other insects. This wood is also impervious to alkalis and acids.

#2 – Teak is Safer to Walk On

Teak’s densely packed wood grains give its finished surface a natural non-slip quality even when wet. Teak also remains smooth to the touch, unlike fiberglass non-skid surfaces that often feel like sandpaper. 

Reasons to buy teak deck

Fall on a non-skid fiberglass deck and you’ll surely scrape off skin. The worst you might suffer from falling on teak is probably a bruise. Teak is much safer and easier to walk on than other deck surfaces. Plus, synthetic materials like fiberglass don’t handle extreme temperatures well, which you already know if you’ve ever walked barefoot on a hot fiberglass deck! Teak is comfortable to walk on in any climate, providing comfort for your feet in cold or heat.

#3 –Teak Wood is Low Maintenance

Teak decks don’t really require much in the way of maintenance. Just wash the deck down with water (preferably salt water) and that pretty much takes care of routine teak deck maintenance. No soaps or detergents, scrubbing, nor power washing needed. A quick once-over with a sponge or soft brush and water on a regular basis is enough to help preserve the wood.

Teak deck maintenance

#4 – Teak Decks Look Great

A genuine teak wood deck looks great even when left untreated. Teak takes on a powerful, deep hue, while the surface develops a beautiful silvery-gray sheen, giving it a classic vintage look. Still, if you prefer a glossy, youthful appearance to the wood, teak can be treated and sealed. Even a teak deck that’s been allowed to weather can be easily restored to its brand new luster by lightly sanding it, then applying teak brightener and teak sealant.

Wood teak deck on a yacht

Teak Your Time

As a final consideration, think about the boat you’re planning on re-decking. Is it an older vessel? Does it have classic lines and proportions? Does it already have teak trimmings or fixtures? 

Boat teak deck reasons to buy

If the answer to any of these is “yes”, then surely a teak deck will complement the character or period of such a boat. If the answer is “no”, then consider whether a teak deck would add some much needed character and charm to your prized possession.



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