Why Wax Your Boat Regularly

Waxing a boat regularly with a couple of coats of marine wax protects the gelcoat on fiberglass boats and prevents it from oxidizing.

Why wax your boat

Gelcoat is a resin that not only protects the fiberglass, but also provides a beautiful mirror-like shine. UV rays gradually oxidize gelcoat, giving it a dull, chalky appearance. It also becomes porous, which allows water to penetrate and damage the gelcoat and the fiberglass beneath it.

Marine wax provides a water-resistant barrier that protects the gelcoat on a boat from mild but constant abrasion from waterborne contaminants. If left alone, water penetration gets so bad that fiberglass sections of the boat will need repair or replacing, or in extreme cases the boat will become completely unusable. 

Boat waxing maintenance

Boat or marine wax is specially formulated with UV-inhibitors that block the sun’s harmful rays to prevent gelcoat from oxidizing. However, a coat of wax isn’t permanent, so a fresh application should be done once or twice a year.

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