Yamaha 60 Outboard Lower Unit Removal

Removing the lower unit (gearcase) of your Yamaha 60HP outboard is often the first step to getting some maintenance and repair jobs done.

Follow the steps below and watch the video above to learn how to remove the gearcase on a Yamaha 60 outboard engine.

Tools Needed – Yamaha 60HP Lower Unit Removal

  • 14mm wrench
  • 12mm extension
  • Ratchet

Yamaha T60 Outboard Gearcase Removal

Step 1. Get the outboard lifted and tilted to make it easier to remove the parts that hold the lower unit to the rest of the outboard motor.

Yamaha 60HP lower unit removal

Step 2. Use a 14mm wrench to remove three of the four exposed main bolts (two on each side) that hold the lower unit up to the rest of the outboard. Loosen the last of the four bolts without removing it to keep the lower unit from dropping off.

Yamaha 60HP outboard lower unit removal

Yamaha 60HP outboard gearcase removal

NOTE: You can remove all four bolts in this step, but leaving one on loose is just a precaution to keep the gearcase from falling off during the removal process.

Step 3. Use a ratchet and 12mm extension to remove the bolt at the top that holds the trim tab anode in place, then pull out the trim tab anode.

Yamaha 60 outboard lower unit removal

Step 4. Remove the 12mm bolt inside the opening at the bottom that was exposed after you removed the trim tab anode, followed by the last of the four main bolts loosened but not removed in Step 2, then gently pull down the gearcase. 

Yamaha 60 outboard engine lower unit removal

Step 5. Disconnect the speedometer tube, then pull the lower unit out completely and you’re done.

Yamaha 60 outboard motor gearcase removal

Yamaha 60HP outboard engine lower unit gearcase removal

As mentioned before, removing the gearcase on an outboard is usually the first step to being able to complete other outboard maintenance and repair jobs, such as replacing the water pump. Watch the video below to learn how to replace the water pump on a Yamaha 60HP outboard engine.



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