How to Remount a Yamaha 60 Outboard Gearcase

Whether you replaced the upper seals or worked on the water pump on your 2003 Yamaha T60 outboard, you’re going to have to remount the lower unit (gearcase).

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to remount the lower unit on a Yamaha 60 outboard.

Tools and Supplies – Yamaha 60 Outboard Lower Unit Remount

  • 12mm, 14mm sockets
  • 14mm box end wrench
  • 3/8th ratchet

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Yamaha T60 Outboard Gearcase Remount

Step 1. Make sure the motor is in neutral by giving the propeller (or prop shaft) a little spin in both directions. If it turns both ways, you know the lower unit is out of gear. However, if it’s not in neutral, turn the shift shaft to get it into neutral.

Yamaha 60HP outboard gearcase remount

Step 2. Grease the drive shaft splines, the shift shaft, and the opening for the water tube behind the water pump. 

Yamaha 60HP outboard engine lower unit remount

Yamaha 60HP outboard motor lower unit remount

Step 3. Slide the lower unit into place. Have one of the mounting bolts in hand so that when you get the lower unit positioned, you can thread it in to hold the lower unit in place. Use one hand to hold the lower unit and the other to reconnect the speedometer tube.

Yamaha 60HP outboard motor gearcase remount

Step 4. Slide the lower unit the rest of the way into place and get one of the 14mm mounting bolts inserted. Tighten the bolt down, but don’t torque it until the rest of the four mounting bolts are reinstalled. 

Yamaha 60HP outboard engine gearcase remount

Step 5. Install the rest of the four exterior mounting bolts (two on each side). 

Yamaha 60 outboard gearcase reinstall

Step 6. Torque all four of the mounting bolts to 29 foot-pounds. 

Yamaha 60 outboard motor gearcase installation

PRO TIP: It’s a tight fit, so use a torque wrench adapter for this step. Use the adapter to get an accurate reading, so that your box wrench is at a 90-degree angle to the torque wrench. Otherwise, you’ll need to account for the angle in your torque settings.

Yamaha 60 HP outboard gearcase installation

Step 7. Reinstall the 12mm mounting bolt for the trim tab (the one hidden in the opening above the trim tab), then tighten it to 18 foot-pounds. 

Yamaha 60HP outboard trim tab reinstall

Step 8. Mount the trim tab, making sure it’s aligned correctly. Its mounting bolt is accessed from above. Torque the bolt to 18 foot-pounds and you’re done.

Yamaha 60 outboard lower unit trim tab install

NOTE: We made some marks on the trim tab and on the bottom of the lower unit during disassembly to realign the trim tab to the same angle it came out from.  

Yamaha T60 outboard gearcase installation




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