How to Replace Yamaha F225 Outboard Prop Shaft Oil Seals 

Prop shaft seals need to be replaced on every Yamaha F225 outboard from time to time. 

It's not a difficult job, but you will need a prop shaft housing puller to do it right, so make sure you have one before starting. You'll also need a pair of oil seals and a pair of O-rings. The oil seals are #66 and the O-rings #67 in the exploded parts diagram below.

Yamaha F225 outboard lower casing diagram

Print this walkthrough as a guide, and watch the Yamaha F225TXRC prop shaft oil seal replacement video above for additional reference. 

Tools and Parts Needed - Yamaha F225 Prop Shaft Oil Seal Change


  • Ratchet and extensions
  • Set of sockets
  • Prop shaft housing puller
  • Hammer
  • Bearing driver set


  • Oil seal (x2)
  • O-ring (x2)

Replacing Yamaha F225TXRC Prop Shaft Oil Seals

Step 1. Remove the lower unit from the outboard and drain the lower casing lube. 

PRO TIP: Watch the clip below to see how this is done. 

Step 2. Remove the propeller from the prop shaft.

Step 3. Remove the two 12mm bolts holding the lower casing cap, followed by the cap itself.

Yamaha F225 outboard prop shaft removal

Step 4. Remove the two retaining bolts from the bearing housing.

Yamaha outboard F225 propeller bearing housing

Step 5. Place a prop shaft housing puller over the bearing housing and remove the housing.

Yamaha F225 prop shaft housing

PRO TIP: If the bearing housing doesn't want to come out, heat the lower casing around it with a blow torch. Heating the casing makes it expand, and will help break the bearing housing free.

Yamaha F225 outboard bearing housing

Step 6. Remove the two O-rings from the bearing housing. There's one at either end of the housing.

Yamaha F225 outboard bearing housing O-rings

Step 7. Carefully pry the two oil seals out of the bearing housing with a screwdriver, making sure not to damage the mating surfaces of the bearing housing.

PRO TIP: If the oil seals have corroded in place, use a slide hammer puller tool to break them free and remove them.

Yamaha outboard bearing housing puller

Step 8. Clean the bearing housing, paying extra attention to where the new oil seals and O-rings will be installed.

Step 9. Install the two new oil seals into the bearing housing with their concave sides facing outwards from the housing. Use a bearing driver to tap the oil seals into place one at a time.

Yamaha F225 outboard prop shaft oil seal replacement

PRO TIP: If you don't own a bearing driver set, use a socket piece that's just a bit smaller than the diameter of the oil seal itself.

Step 10. Pack the oil seals with grease, and also grease the channels that the two O-rings will sit in. Install the two new O-rings.

Step 11. Lightly grease the outer surfaces of the bearing housing so it'll easily slide back into the lower casing. Clean the inside of the lower casing, and remove as much debris and old grease as possible.

Yamaha F225 prop bearing housing

Step 12. Reinstall the bearing housing into the lower casing by sliding the housing into the casing. As you tighten the two retaining bolts that hold the bearing housing, they will pull the housing into place.

Yamaha outboard prop shaft oil seal change

Step 13. Reinstall the lower casing cap and the two 12mm bolts.

Step 14. Reinstall the propeller onto the prop shaft.

Yamaha outboard engine propeller shaft

Step 15. Reinstall the lower unit onto the outboard, refill the lower casing with lube and you're done.








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