How to Replace a Yamaha F225 Outboard Water Pump

Water pump impellers are notorious for failing, so you should inspect the water pump for your Yamaha outboard after every 100 hours of use or once a year. 

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to do a water pump replacement on a Yamaha F225 outboard.

Tools and Parts - Yamaha F225 Outboard Water Pump Replacement

  • Ratchet and extensions
  • Set of sockets
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Water pump repair kit


  • Water pump impeller, gasket and O-rings
  • Contact/brake cleaner
  • Grease

Yamaha F225 water pump repair kit

Yamaha outboard water punmp impeller

PRO TIP: You can buy a Yamaha impeller and the various parts that make up the water pump separately, but it's much cheaper and easier to buy a complete Yamaha water pump repair kit

Disassembling a Yamaha F225TXRC Outboard Motor Water Pump

Step 1. Put the engine in neutral and tilt the motor up to access the lower casing.

Step 2. Remove the five mounting bolts from the lower casing. There are two bolts on either side of the casing and a fifth bolt under the trim tab. Once the bolts are removed, pull the lower casing down and off the outboard.

Yamaha F225 water pump replacement

Step 3. Remove the four bolts and washers from the top of the water pump housing. Using a flathead screwdriver, carefully pry the housing off the lower casing, making sure not to scratch or scar the mating surface of the housing. Next, slide the housing up and off the drive shaft and remove the two O-rings from the housing.

Yamaha F225TXRC water pump replacement

Step 4. Remove the cartridge that houses the water pump impeller.

Yamaha outboard water pump replacement

Step 5. Pry the metal drive shaft collar off the top of the impeller with a flathead screwdriver, being careful not to damage the nylon spacer beneath it. Next, remove the nylon spacer and the three washers below it. 

Yamaha F225 outboard water pump repair

NOTE: If any of the collars or washers are worn or damaged, you should replace them.

Step 6. Remove the impeller, and tap the woodruff key beneath it out from the drive shaft with a hammer and a chisel or screwdriver.

Yamaha F225 outboard water pump assembly

Step 7. Remove the cartridge outer plate, the water pump gasket beneath it and the two dowel pins.

Step 8. Clean the driveshaft, driveshaft splines and the lower casing with contact/brake cleaner to remove any old grease. Smooth away any scratches on the drive shaft with very fine wet or dry paper.

Replacing a Yamaha F225TXRC Outboard Motor Water Pump

Step 1. Install the two new dowel pins, the new water pump gasket, and the cartridge outer plate (included in the water pump repair kit).

Yamaha F225TXRC water pump change

Step 2. Tap the new woodruff key (included with the kit) into the drive shaft. 

Step 3. Grease the cartridge plate, the driveshaft and the woodruff key.

Step 4. Install the new impeller (included with the kit), making sure the notch in the impeller sits over the woodruff key in the drive shaft.

Yamaha outboard water pump impeller replacement

Step 5. Install the washers and collars in the following order:

1. Plate washer

2. Wave washer

3. Plate washer

4. Nylon spacer

5. Metal drive shaft collar

Step 6. Pull up on the drive shaft, and tap the collar down into place.

Yamaha outboard water pump repair F225

Yamaha 225 outboard water pump repair

Step 7. Clean the driveshaft housing with contact/brake cleaner, then grease the channels that house the O-rings, and install the new small O-ring (included with the kit) into the water pump housing.

Step 8. Install the new cartridge (included with the kit) into the water pump housing.

Step 9. Grease the inside of the cartridge, and install the large O-ring (included with the kit) into the water pump housing.

Yamaha F225 water pump housing

Step 10. Install the water pump housing/cartridge assembly over the impeller. Turn the driveshaft clockwise as you install the assembly so the impeller's blades are bending the correct way within the cartridge once everything is reassembled.

Step 11. Grease the four water pump housing bolts, then reinstall and tighten them.

Step 12. Grease the splines on the driveshaft, the water intake on the water pump housing, and the shift shaft next to the water pump housing.

Yamaha F225 outboard motor water pump repair

Step 13. Remount the lower casing onto the motor, then reinstall and tighten the five mounting bolts into the lower casing and you're done.

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