Yamaha Outboard Engine and Lower Unit Oil Changes

Here at Boats.net, we’ve published multiple videos and articles related to all kinds of boat and outboard maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting.

Yamaha outboard engine oil change

Besides specializing in selling outboard parts, we’ve also published many outboard maintenance and repair videos and articles. For this playlist, we’ve compiled a handful of our videos dedicated to Yamaha outboard engine oil and gearcase lube (lower unit oil) changes. 

Yamaha T60 Outboard Oil Change

In the video above, you’ll see how to change the oil in a Yamaha T60 outboard. Changing Yamaha outboard oil is a simple yet essential process to keep the motor running at its best. See how to drain the oil, replace the oil filter, and then refill the motor. Engine oil capacity for a Yamaha T60 outboard is 1.9 quarts. The video demonstrates an oil change for a 2003 Yamaha T60 4-stroke outboard motor, but the steps are the same or similar for all Yamaha outboards.

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Yamaha 60HP Outboard Gearcase Lube Change

Watch the video above to learn how to change the lower unit oil in a Yamaha 60 outboard. Changing the gearcase oil in a Yamaha outboard is just as important as the engine oil change, as part of its routine maintenance. It’s an easy outboard maintenance task that can be done with only a couple of tools.

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Yamaha F225 Outboard Oil Change

In the video above, see how to change the engine oil in a Yamaha F225 outboard. The powerhead of our 2004 Yamaha F225 TXRC had just undergone a rebuild, and it was time to change out the oil. You’ll see where the drain bolt is found and how to get the engine drained, as well as how to replace the oil filter and fill the motor with oil.

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Yamaha F225 Gearcase Oil Change

In the video above, see how to change the gearcase lube from a Yamaha F225 outboard. Besides the lower unit oil, you’ll need a Yamaha pump to fill up the gearcase. This pump is Yamaha specific, since the nozzle on the end of the pump has to mate with the fitting on the lower unit drain bolt opening. You’ll see where the vent and drain bolts are located, as well as how to change the gearcase lube. The lower unit oil on a Yamaha F225 outboard should be changed after every 100 hours of use or once a year.

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Yamaha Outboard 100 Hour Service

In the video above, you’ll see how to perform a 100 hour service on a Yamaha outboard. The 100-hour maintenance includes how to change the oil and the gearcase fluid on a Yamaha 50 outboard motor. In addition to the engine and lower unit oil changes, you’ll also see how to replace the fuel filter and the fuel/water separator on a Yamaha outboard. 

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