Yamaha Outboard Water Pump Repair Videos

Here at Boats.net, we’ve published many videos and articles related to all kinds of boat and outboard maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting.

Yamaha outboard water pump repair videos

Boats.net specializes in the sale of outboard parts, but we’ve also published many outboard repair and maintenance videos and articles. For this playlist, we’ve compiled a list of our videos dedicated to Yamaha outboard water pump repairs.

Yamaha 60 Outboard Water Pump Repair

Watch the video above to see how to replace a 2003 Yamaha T60 outboard water pump. We begin with the lower unit already removed, then we take the old water pump out. The pump has four bolts that hold the housing in place. Once it’s removed, we rebuild the water pump using a water pump repair kit, then replace the impeller and get the whole Yamaha 90 outboard bolted back down.

On initial startup, the inside of the water pump will be dry, so you should apply a little marine grease, go around the inside of the housing and add a little grease to the wear plate underneath the impeller. 

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Yamaha 90 Outboard Water Pump Replacement

Watch the video above to learn how to change a 1999 Yamaha B90 outboard water pump. You’ll learn how to remove the lower unit and take the water pump apart. We start with removing the gearcase, then disassembling the water pump, and using a Yamaha 90HP outboard water pump kit to complete the job.

The impeller was torn on this Yamaha outboard motor, so we replaced it, along with the gaskets included in the water pump repair kit. When replacing the upper water pump housing, it’s important to not overtighten the bolts, since the housing is made of nylon and can crack easily. After replacing the water pump assembly on the Yamaha 90 outboard, we show you how to reinstall the lower unit and the trim tab.

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Yamaha 225 Outboard Water Pump Replacement

Watch the video above to see how to replace the water pump of a Yamaha F225 outboard. This project includes replacing the impeller on our 2004 F225TXRC model. You’ll learn how to remove the lower casing, and then take the water pump assembly apart. This particular unit had a few other worn out parts that needed to be replaced, in addition to the ones included in the Yamaha 225 outboard water pump kit. We replace the impeller and other water pump assembly parts, and then we put the whole thing back together.

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How to Find a Replacement Water Pump Impeller

If you need to replace the water pump impeller for your outboard, watch the video above to see how to find one in a parts diagram on Boats.net. Many models include the impeller as part of a water pump kit, but they’re also available separately if that’s the only part you need. 

Where the water pump impeller is found varies between makes and models, and the video above shows you how to find one on a Yamaha outboard. When searching for your model’s outboard parts diagrams, you’ll see how to search for your make and model, and how to navigate a water pump diagram to find the impeller. Outboard water pump parts are usually found in the lower casing or lower unit diagram provided for your engine’s model. You can also search for a water pump repair kit on that same outboard parts diagram page, and see all of the parts included in the repair kit if you want to replace the entire water pump, including the impeller. 

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