How to Configure the Rigging for Your Boat

Configuring the rigging for your boat just got a whole lot easier. No more searching through numerous catalogs or visiting various dealerships to get what you need!

We compiled the entire Yamaha Outboard Rigging and Parts Catalog into one easy-to-use online experience. We're the only OEM Yamaha parts dealer with an online rigging catalog this comprehensive and user-friendly. Read on to find out how to get the most from our online catalog, and watch our Yamaha Rigging Catalog Online video above for additional guidance.


Yamaha boat rigging components

Yamaha rigging audio accessories


Access the Online Rigging and Parts Catalog

Step 1. Go to our homepage and click on Yamaha from the brand list at the upper left side of the page.

Step 2. Click on Rigging Parts & Accessories at the foot of the list of categories to enter the online catalog. Once you're in the catalog, select Rigging Estimate Guide or browse Rigging Components individually.

Using the Rigging Estimate Guide

1. Select the Rigging Estimate Guide. The Rigging Estimate Guide is at the bottom right of the list of categories.

2. Filter Your Rigging Kit Search. Click on the rigging option from the list provided that matches your setup to narrow down your search. For example, for a boat with Yamaha twin outboards and digital electric controls (DEC) you would select Twin Engines Rigging Guide, then click on Twin Engines With DEC Controls to further focus your search for Yamaha rigging parts. Yamaha rigging catalog example

3. Fine Tune Your Rigging Kit. Scroll through the various rigging kits to find the setup you need. Then, use the dropdown menus to determine the length of the main harness, the main bus harness and the pigtail harness.

4. Review Your Rigging Kit Parts. Each of the rigging kits lists all of the individual parts that make up the complete kit. Click the Add button beside each part you want to include in your shopping cart.

NOTE: Our website has already included the correct quantity of each individual part necessary to make up a complete kit. You can increase or decrease the number of individual parts, depending on your requirements.

5. Review Each Page of the Rigging Kit. Click on the page numbers at the foot of the rigging kit parts list to see all the parts included in that particular kit.


Boat rigging gauges

Yamaha boat starter kit


Browsing Rigging Components Individually

If you're not sure what equipment you'll be using or the precise specifications of your boat, you can browse all the rigging components individually to get a better feel for the parts that'll match your needs.

1. Select Rigging Components. The Rigging Components are just above the Rigging Estimate Guide at the top right of the list of categories.

2. Choose a Component Group. Click on the group of components you want to browse, such as gauges, control boxes or main switches. Using these groups of components, you can choose the ones that best fit your particular application.

3. Select Electrical Components. Once you've decided on the rigging components, go back to the Rigging and Parts page and click on Electrical Components to browse various wiring harnesses, and see their different lengths and what type of equipment they work with.

Yamaha boat rigging electrical components

Once you've determined the rigging and electrical components that work best for you, you can go back to the Rigging Estimate Guide and use this information to create the ideal rigging kit for your boat.

Accessories, Maintenance Items and Supplies

The Yamaha Rigging Parts & Accessories Catalog contains a lot more than just rigging equipment. We have exported more items from the Yamaha catalog and added them into our online catalog, including all the engine accessories, propellers, maintenance items, oils, lubricants, and detailing and trailer supplies you could possibly need. 


Yamaha rigging accessories

Yamaha electrical components


For example, from the Engine Accessories page you can click on Fuel System Components to find anything from fuel/water separators to fuel tanks and fuel lines. Or click on Maintenance Items for a complete list of Yamaha outboard essentials such as spark plugs, anodes, water pump kits, trim tabs, thermostats and so on. 

Yamaha boat rigging guide

You'll even find skis and boards, coolers, audio equipment, and all the other luxuries and toys that make boating so much fun. Just click on Accessories to access hundreds of items that may not be essential to the maintenance or upkeep of your boat, but are essential to the enjoyment you get from it.




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