Yamaha Rigging Guide

Rigging a boat might not be as difficult as it once was, thanks of course to technological advances, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bit of head scratching involved.

Can you imagine trying to figure out how many yards of rope you’d need and where to run all the hundreds of individual ropes necessary to control the sails on a clipper ship? Yeah, we’d rather not. Thankfully, our online Yamaha Rigging catalog makes rigging your boat a hell of a lot easier.

Using the Yamaha Rigging Guide

To access the Yamaha Rigging Guide, go to our homepage and click on “Yamaha” from the Shop by Brand dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Boats.net Yamaha rigging guide

Next, click on “Outboard Rigging and Parts” from the Category menu and from there, select the applications you’ll be using for your boat. Now you can drill down and pick out the equipment and rigging parts you’ll need to fit those applications.

Yamaha rigging catalog menu

Measuring Control Cables

Example #1 - Choosing Cables for New Controls

After establishing which control you want to operate your outboard with, you’ll have to determine how long the control cable needs to be. The rule of thumb for measuring control cable length is as follows:

Starting at the control itself, measure an unobstructed path back to the centerline of the outboard, then add an additional 4 feet to that measurement to get the overall cable length.

Yamaha rigging guide control cables

Next, consult our Yamaha Rigging Guide and choose the cable that’s closest to your measured length when rounded out. For example, if your measurement is 21’ 4” and the rigging guide has cables in 20-foot and 23-foot lengths, choose the 23-foot cable.

Example #2 - Replacing Old Control Cables

If you already have a control unit in place and need to replace a sticking or worn cable, use one of the following methods:

Remove the old control cable and measure it from tip to tip. Once you have the correct cable measurement, go into the Yamaha Rigging Guide and select the cable that’s the same size, or choose the cable closest to that length when rounded up.

Yamaha rigging guide cables

Alternatively, if the old control cable was a genuine Yamaha part, there should be a part number on the cable sheathing. Jot down the part and cross-reference it in the Yamaha Rigging Guide to find the same part or the current OEM Yamaha equivalent if the original has been superseded.

Measuring Instrument Gauge Harnesses

The various gauges for the instrument panel also need to be connected to the outboard(s). Measuring the length of a gauge cluster wiring harness uses the same method as the control cables:

Measure an unobstructed path from the gauges to the outboard’s centerline and add 4 feet in length. Use this overall measurement to find the matching size harness in the Yamaha Rigging Guide, choosing the next size up if there isn’t an exact match. Remove the old harness and measure it end to end, then find the matching size harness (or closest size) up in the Yamaha Rigging Guide.

Choosing the Right Rigging for Your Boat

Determining what is the best rigging depends on your boat’s type and what kind of boating you do on it. 

Yamaha rigging guide Boats.net

If you have a pontoon boat and your trips only extend as far as a local lake, then basic rigging oughta do it. A steering mechanism, a single throttle/shift control, and gauges to monitor the engine’s RPM, temperature and oil pressure will alert you if something is amiss. You’ll also want an engine run-time gauge so you can stay up to date with routine maintenance, but you could probably do without a satellite mapping system.

However, if your boating takes you miles offshore, you’re going to need a lot more information about monitoring the health and performance of your boat, plus what’s going on around it. Besides the basic control mechanisms and engine gauges, consider fitting radar, GPS, and depth- and fish-finders. 

Yamaha boat rigging guide

If you have a flying bridge, consider duplicate engine gauges and controls, plus at least one good LCD screen. This provides you with all the information coming from the engine, which can make the difference between getting stranded and getting back safely.

Our Yamaha Rigging Guide was designed to simplify the rigging of your boat. If you have any questions on how to use our guide, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you out! 


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