How to Change Yamaha 60HP Gearcase Lube

Changing out the lower unit oil (or gearcase lube) on a Yamaha outboard is a very simple yet essential maintenance task that pretty much anybody can do.

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn how to do a lower unit oil change on a Yamaha 60 HP outboard in a handful of minutes. 

NOTE: We already had the lower unit removed when we did our gearcase lube change in the video above, but you don’t need to remove it to get this job done.

Tools and Supplies – Yamaha 60 Gearcase Lube Change

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Changing Yamaha 60HP Lower Unit Oil

Step 1. Place a drain pan under the lower unit, then remove the oil vent screw at the top and the lower unit oil drain/fill screw at the bottom, and let the gearcase oil drain out. Make sure not to lose the washers for either screw.

Yamaha 60 outboard lower unit oil change

NOTE: You should replace the vent screw and drain/fill screw washers after every few oil changes, regardless of what condition they’re in.

Step 2. Attach the fluid pump to a bottle of Yamaha gearcase lube, and the hose end of the pump to the lower unit oil drain/fill hole.

Yamaha 60 outboard engine gearcase oil change

Step 3. Pump gearcase lube into the fill hole until it starts to overflow from the vent hole at the top.

Yamaha 60HP lower unit oil service

Yamaha 60HP gearcase lube service

Step 4. Reinstall the oil fill screw and its washer.

Yamaha 60HP outboard motor gearcase oil service

Step 5. Detach the fill pump hose from the oil/drain fill hole, then reinstall the screw and its washer and you’re done. 

Yamaha 60HP outboard engine gearcase oil service

Before refilling the gearcase oil, having the oil drained out is the perfect time to do a pressure test on the lower unit to detect leaks. Watch the video below to see how to do a lower unit pressure test on a Yamaha 60 outboard