Yamaha Marine Corrosion Protection Products

When it comes to protecting your outboard from corrosion and wear-and-tear, Yamaha makes some of the best marine maintenance products available.

Yamaha marine corrosion protection products

Many of Yamaha’s products for marine use are under their Yamalube brand, and they provide a good variety of trusted solutions to protect boat and engine parts. Here’s a look at some of the products Yamaha makes for marine engine protection. 

Yamalube External Engine Cleaner/Degreaser

Yamaha’s external engine cleaner safely removes dirt, oil and grease from motors. This powerful engine cleaner protects against simple corrosion, and is safe to use on most rubber, plastic, and painted metal surfaces. After each time you take your boat out, you want to flush the engine out first, then thoroughly spray it down with Yamalube external engine cleaner and degreaser.

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Buy Yamaha silicone protectant and lubricant

Yamalube Silicone Protectant and Lubricant

After using the engine cleaner and degreaser, apply Yamalube silicone protectant and lubricant for added protection. This general purpose silicone spray encapsulates all the different exposed metal parts of the engine and protects them from rusting. It also protects neoprene, rubber and other surfaces.

Yamalube Rust & Corrosion Protection

Better known as Yamashield, the waterproof Yamalube rust and corrosion protection spray does exactly what the label says. It provides premium protection against rust and corrosion using a combination of solvents, lubricants, and waxes. Yamashield combats existing corrosion, and provides long-lasting lubrication for metal parts. It can be used on all engine components, not just the metal parts. 

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Yamalube Combustion Chamber Cleaner

This Yamaha cleaner spray works to remove carbon and other contaminants from cylinders, pistons, rings and valves. Besides preventing carbon build-up, Yamalube combustion chamber cleaner also cleans out gum and varnish from the engine. 

Yamalube Engine Fogging Oil

Fogging oil prevents rust and protects internal engine components during long periods of inactivity. Yamalube’s engine fogging oil is highly recommended for outboard winterization, as it provides long-term protection against corrosion by keeping engine parts lubricated during the storage period. 

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Yamalube EFI Engine Storage Fogging Oil

If you're dealing with a fuel injection system, you want to use Yamalube EFI engine storage fogging oil instead of the regular fogging oil. The EFI fogging oil has a special lubricant with fuel stabilizer that equally distributes fogging oil to cylinders in EFI engines. It protects pistons, cylinder walls and valves from moisture, salt water and combustion acids for up to 1 year of storage.

Yamalube Battery Terminal Cleaner and Protector

This water-based spray removes corrosion from marine battery terminals. The Yamalube battery terminal cleaner and protector rinses off with water and leaves a protective film behind that acts as a shield against further corrosion. 

Yamaha battery terminal cleaner

Buy Yamaha marine greaase

Yamalube Marine Grease

This multi-purpose grease is highly resistant to water and provides superior quality to keep marine parts lubricated. Yamalube marine grease repels freshwater and saltwater corrosion. It protects metal components from high temperatures and heavy shock loads, while also preventing seals from deteriorating. 



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