Yamaha F225 Outboard Corroded Housing Removal

Normally all you need is a screwdriver to remove the input shaft bearing housing from an outboard. 

However, if water has found its way into the lower casing, the bearing housing will probably have corroded and you'll need to get a bit more technical than relying on a simple screwdriver. Watch the video above and follow the walkthrough below to learn methods for the removal process for a corroded input shaft bearing housing. 

NOTE: We worked on a Yamaha F225TXRC, and already removed the lower casing from the motor and disassembled the water pump. If you need help disassembling the lower unit first, skip to the end of this article to watch the video on how to do it. 

Tools Needed - Outboard Corroded Housing Removal

  • Bearing housing puller
  • Blow torch 

Yamaha F225 outboard bearing housing

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NOTE: Before trying to remove the bearing housing, make sure you've removed the two oil seals and the oil seal cover that sit on the drive shaft above the bearing housing itself.

Yamaha outboard corroded bearing housing removal

Outboard Corroded Housing Removal: Method 1

Position the puller's jaws on either side of the bearing housing. Hold the jaws securely against the bearing housing, and swiftly pull the puller's handle upwards so it hammers against the top of the puller shaft. 

Yamaha outboard corroded input shaft bearing housing

NOTE: If the corrosion isn't too bad, you may get lucky and the bearing housing will break free.

Outboard Corroded Housing Removal: Method 2

Heat the bearing housing with a blow torch, then position the puller over the bearing and try to break it free, as described in Method 1. 

Corroded outboard bearing housing removal

NOTE: Heat causes metal to expand, and this slight expansion may be enough to help you break the bearing housing free.

Outboard Corroded Housing Removal: Method 3

Place a chisel against one of the bearing housing's bolt holes, and use a hammer to try and rotate the housing and break it free. Then, use the puller tool as described in Method 1. 

Yamaha outboard corroded bearing housing removal

NOTE: This hammer and chisel method will damage the bearing housing, but if the corrosion is this bad, it will need to be replaced anyway.

If you need help disassembling the lower unit before attempting to remove the corroded input shaft bearing housing, watch the video below to see how to get that done. 





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