Yamaha Outboard Fuel System Repairs & Maintenance Video Playlist

Here at Boats.net, we’ve published multiple videos and articles related to all kinds of boat and outboard maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting.

Yamaha outboard fuel system repairs

Besides specializing in selling outboard parts, we’ve also published many outboard maintenance and repair videos and articles. For this playlist, we’ve compiled a handful of our videos dedicated to Yamaha outboard motor fuel-system-related repairs and maintenance.

Yamaha F225 Outboard Rebuild: Electrical and Fuel System Removal

In this first part of our 2004 Yamaha F225 outboard engine rebuild, we had already done a compression test and a leakdown test on this unit, and the results showed it was in need of some major repairs. Watch the video above to see the process of disassembling the powerhead, including removing the electrical harness and the fuel system.

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Yamaha F225 Outboard Rebuild: Fuel System Rebuild 

Watch the video above to see an evaluation of the fuel system on a Yamaha F225HP outboard. The fuel system of an outboard is a mixed bag of components, and in this case some could be reused while others needed to be replaced. See how to test the fuel pump on a Yamaha outboard, and how to replace the float needle.

Next, see how to install the VST tank on the Yamaha 225, as well as how to inspect the intakes and throttle bodies. You’ll also see how to clean the fuel injector with a kit from Motion Pro. Once that’s done, some of the seals are replaced to get the throttle bodies put back together again. With everything reassembled, we installed the intakes on our motor and wrapped things up on the Yamaha F225 by making some electrical and fuel line connections, and attaching the throttle linkage.

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Yamaha Outboard Fuel Pump Issues

The fuel pump is just one part of a Yamaha outboard that the motor can't run without. Watch the video above to learn about some common outboard fuel pump problems and where to look to find some answers, with a Yamaha 250HP outboard used as an example. You’ll also learn about some issues that may seem like the fuel pump is the culprit, but might be caused by other failing parts.

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Yamaha Outboard Carburetor Cleaning and Rebuild

Watch the video above to learn how to clean a Yamaha outboard carburetor. In this video, we used a 1999 Yamaha B90TLRX as an example, which meant working with three carburetors.

See how to remove the carburetor bank, then disconnect each of the three 1999 Yamaha B90 carburetors from their separate linkages and electrical connections. We used a Yamaha outboard carb repair kit to replace parts. The kit only serves one carburetor, so three kits were needed. See how to clean the jets, inspect the pilot screw, replace the gasket, and then how to reassemble the carburetor. Finally, see how to reconnect the carburetors and reinstall them onto the Yamaha outboard.

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Yamaha Outboard 100 Hour Maintenance Service

Watch the video above see how to perform a 100-hour maintenance on a Yamaha outboard. This service includes how to change the oil and the gearcase fluid on a Yamaha 50 outboard motor, as well as how to replace the fuel filter and the fuel/water separator. 

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