Why Do Dolphins Chase Boats?
Why do dolphins swim beside boats and in their wake?  Here are several reasons why dolphins love to follow boats.
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Inboard vs Outboard: Which Motor is More Fuel Efficient?
Are inboards more fuel efficient than outboards? Here's a quick guide to fuel efficiency on outboard motors vs inboard motors.
Boating Acronyms We Think You Should Know
With so many acronyms in the boating world, things can get confusing. Here's a short list of boating-related acronyms we think you should know.
4 Common Causes of Milky Oil in Outboard
Milky oil in your outboard's engine is a sign of several potential issues. Here are four common causes of milky oil in an outboard motor.
Benefits of Having a Boat Slip
Is it worth renting or owning a boat slip? Here's a guide to some of the benefits of having a boat slip at your disposal. 
Why Get a Hydrofoil Fin for Your Outboard
Thinking about getting a hydrofoil for your outboard engine to enhance its performance? Here's a quick guide to outboard hydrofoil stabilizers.
How to Tell if Outboard Spark Plugs Have Gone Bad
How can you tell if spark plugs on an outboard have gone bad? Here are some symptoms of outboard spark plug failure.
Signs an Outboard Fuel Filter is Clogged
Clogged fuel filters can create all kinds of problems with an outboard's fuel system. Here are some signs your outboard motor has a clogged fuel filter.
Playlist: How to Find Outboard Serial Numbers
How do you find outboard serial numbers? What about outboard prop sizes? Here's our playlist of videos on how to find outboard parts information.
Playlist: All About Boat Props
All about boat propellers, including how to find prop dimensions and how to choose between 3-blade and 4-blade props.


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