Differences Between Outboards and Sterndrives
Is an outboard motor better than a sterndrive motor? Here's a guide to the differences between outboard and sterndrive boat engines.
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Mooring, Docking, Berthing & Anchoring Explained
Is there really a difference between mooring and docking? Or docking and berthing? Find out here. 
How an Outboard Engine Works
An outboard engine works more or less like a car engine, but modified for vertical mounting and marine conditions. Here's a guide to how an outboard motor works.
Quick Guide to Sealants for Rebedding Deck Hardware
Re-bedding the deck hardware on your boat? Here's a quick guide to marine sealants for rebedding boat deck hardware.
6 Things to Look For When Buying Portable Generators
Thinking about buying a portable generator for your boat? Here are 6 things to look for when buying a portable marine generator.
How to Buy a Boat
First time boat buyer? Here a simple guide on what to look for and expect when buying a new or used boat.
Guide to Marine Epoxy Resin
Marine epoxy resin is the strongest, but it's also the most expensive. Here's a quick guide to epoxy resin for marine use.
Guide to Boat Bus Bars
Which boat bus bars should you buy, copper or brass busbars? Here's a quick guide to busbars for your boat.
Guide to Trolling Motor Thrust
Thinking about buying a trolling motor? Here's our guide to understanding trolling motor thrust and how to calculate it.
Boater Education Requirements by State: P-W
Do you need boater education in your state? Find out here! From Pennsylvania to Wyoming, see if your state has a boater's education requirement. 


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