Guide to Choosing Anchors for PWCs and Small Boats
So many anchors, so many types. Which one is best for your small boat or PWC? Here's a guide to help you find the best anchor type(s) for your watercraft.
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Guide to Choosing the Right Boat Cover
Looking to buy a boat cover but not sure where to start? Use this guide to help you find the right boat cover.
Guide to Choosing the Right Non-Skid Paint
When it comes to choosing topside paints, none is better than the nonskid kind to keep you from tripping and slipping on deck. Here's a guide to non-skid paint types to help you choose. 
Guide to Choosing Rigging for your Boat
Need some help rigging your boat? Use our Online Yamaha Outboard Rigging Catalog for guidance!
Guide to Configuring the Rigging for Your Boat
Need an easy way to rig your boat? Our Yamaha online rigging catalog makes it simple!
4 Essential Tools for Shrink Wrapping a Boat
Do you really need that super expensive heat gun to properly shrink-wrap your boat? Yes you do! In the interest of your safety and the safety of your boat, you should have these 4 essential tools for shrink wrapping your boat.   
Guide to Outboard Corrosion Prevention
Corrosion is perhaps a boat owner's worst enemy. Here are several corrosion types and how to combat them. 
Guide to Choosing the Right Boat Propeller
Need help finding a propeller for your outboard motor or boat? Here's a helpful guide to choosing the right boat propeller. 
10 Essential Spare Parts to Carry on a Boat
Whether you're offshore or onshore, stuff breaks on boats. Before you go out on the water, you should be prepared for unexpected mishaps and emergencies. Having these essential spare boat parts onboard at all times will help you prepare for some common offshore mishaps!
Guide to Choosing the Right Antifouling Paint
Need some paint to repel nasty marine growth on the hull? Here's a guide to choosing the right anti-fouling paint for your boat. 


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