Essential Maintenance: Water Pump Impeller Replacement
A small plastic part makes a huge difference on your outboard's health. Changing water pump impellers is an essential part of outboard maintenance. Here's why. 
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Wax Your Boat in 5 Steps
Simple 5-step guide to washing and waxing your fiberglass boat for a perfect glossy finish.
How to De-Winterize an Outboard
Taking your boat out of storage? Here's how to prepare or de-winterize an outboard before getting it back on the water. 
How to Change Mercury 40HP 2-Stroke Gearcase Lube
Follow these steps to learn how to change gearcase lube in a Mercury 40HP 2-stroke outboard.
Why Fill Your Boat's Fuel Tank Before Storage
Fill up or empty out your boat’s fuel tank before storing it? It's a common question among boaters. Here's why you should fill it up.
Tips for Keeping Gelcoat Looking Like New
Follow these simple maintenance tips to help keep your boat's fiberglass gelcoat looking like new. 
Quick Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Boat Like New
Follow these basic boat maintenance tips to preserve the showroom look for years to come!
Kid-Friendly Outboard Maintenance Jobs
Teach your kids how to do basic outboard engine maintenance. Here are 5 easy boat motor maintenance repair jobs for kids.
Quick Maintenance: Changing Outboard Spark Plugs
Changing an outboard motor's spark plugs can be done with even the most basic mechanic skills. Here's how to change the spark plugs on an outboard engine. 
Tips for Extending Marine Propeller Lifespans
Extending the lifespan of a boat propeller comes down to simple maintenance and common sense. Here are a few tips to help protect your marine propellers. 



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