Why Are Boats Considered Money Pits?
Are boats really a bad investment? Only if you’re not prepared for the countless expenses that come with boat ownership.
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Will a Fiberglass Boat Rot?
Do fiberglass boats rot? Maybe not the fiberglass itself, but there are other types of deterioration to look out for on a fiberglass boat.
How Long Can Boat Fuel Sit Before it Goes Bad?
How long can you leave gas in a boat's fuel tank before it goes bad? Not long, but fuel stabilizer might help prolong unused boat gasoline. 
How to Shrink Wrap a Boat in 10 Easy Steps
Need to shrink wrap your boat for offseason storage? Here are 10 simple steps to follow for shrink wrapping a boat.
Can You Paint Over a Boat's Gelcoat?
Yes you can, but here are some things you need to know before you paint over a boat's fiberglass gelcoat.
Tips for Dealing With Bird Poop on a Boat
Bird droppings are a major problem for boat owners, and can do some serious damage when left unchecked. Here are some quick tips for dealing with bird waste on a boat.
6 More Essential Outboard Winterization Products
When preparing your outboard for offseason storage, here are 6 essential products to get the winterization process done right. 
Tips for Preventing Rust on a Boat
There are several ways to prevent rust on a boat, which mostly comes down to simple maintenance. Here are some tips for preventing and removing rust on a boat.
How to Paint an Outboard Engine
Steps and video on how to paint a Mercury Tracker 40 outboard motor.
5 Reasons Why You Need to Remove Barnacles
Why do barnacles need to be removed from a boat? Here are 5 reasons why you need to clean barnacles off your boat.


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