5 Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency on Your Boat
Tips for improving the fuel efficiency on your boat. Reduce your boat's fuel consumption by doing these five things.
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How to Block a Boat Safely
Blocking a boat safely isn't difficult, but it does require some precision. Here are some tips on how to safely block a boat.
Below Waterline Thru Hull Fittings Guide
A simple guide with tips on using below the waterline thru hull fittings for a boat.
Tips for Painting a Boat and Getting Supplies
Painting a boat requires preparation, patience and supplies. Here are some tips for painting a boat and buying supplies.
Tips for Wiring a Bilge Pump
Wiring a bilge pump isn't hard, but you need proper equipment and materials to get it right. Here are some bilge pump wiring tips.
Marine Sealant Application Tips
Applying marine sealant isn't difficult, but it requires precision to get a tight seal. Here are some tips for applying marine sealant.
How to Replace Boat Trailer Leaf Springs
Got rusty, cracked or broken boat trailer leaf springs? Here's a quick guide to how to change boat trailer leaf springs. 
Boat Food and Drinks: Coolers and Grills
Refrigeration and grills are often overlooked essential boat accessories, but food and drinks are just as important to successful boating.
Tips for Maintaining a Boat's Value
Preserving a boat's value takes time, effort and money, but it pays off. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your boat's value.
Why Carry Extra PFDs on Your Boat
It's common sense to have extra lifejackets and other personal flotation devices onboard at all times. Here's why you should have extra PFDs on your boat.


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