Can a Bent Boat Propeller be Repaired?
A bent boat propeller can be restored, but depending on the damage, sometimes it's better to just buy a new propeller.
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10 Fun Things to Do While Out Boating All Day
Besides just cruising, what are some fun activities to do while out boating all day? From fishing to wakeboarding, here are 10 fun activities to do while out on a boat trip. 
Tips for Boating in a Swamp
If your wild sense of adventure calls for going boating in a swamp, here are some basic tips for what to bring to a swamp boat adventure.
Boating Safely Around Marine Wildlife
How do you keep marine wildlife safe while boating? Here are some tips for boating responsibly around marine animals.
Things NOT to Do as a Guest on a Boat
Getting invited to a boating trip is awesome! But if you don't want to be that guy or girl who never gets invited back, here's what NOT to do when you're a guest on a boat.
How to Choose a Marine Battery
Many boats need two marine batteries to handle the extra load. Here are some things to know about choosing marine batteries.
Swimming and Boating Safety Tips
Should people who can't swim get on boats? Whether you're good at swimming or not, here are some boating and swimming safety tips to keep in mind.
Boat Buying Wants vs Needs
What you want vs what you need from a boat can clash with each other. Here are some things to consider when managing wants and needs for buying a boat.
Tips for Avoiding Boat Ramp Mistakes
Boat ramp launch fails can happen to anyone, no matter how experienced the boater is. Here are some common boat ramp mistakes and how to avoid them.
Tips for Preventing Outboard Motor Theft
Outboard motors are vulnerable to theft due to their value, and ease of stealing and selling. Here are some tips to prevent outboard theft.



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