Boat Trailer Lights Troubleshooting
Because even broken boat trailer lights can earn you a traffic citation, here are some boat trailer light troubleshooting tips. 
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Prop Pitch Adjustment Tips
Knowing how to adjust the propeller pitch helps transfer all the power from your motor to the water. Here are some tips on prop pitch adjustment.
Tips for Docking a PWC
Avoid embarrassing mishaps and damaging your PWC when docking it by following these tips.
Tips for Choosing Boat Propellers
With countless options out there, what should you look for when choosing the best propeller for your boat? Here are some tips to help you pick out a prop.
Brand Spotlight: Solas Propellers
Solas brand propellers are synonymous with quality and durability. Check out our brand spotlight on Solas propellers!
Tips for Making Watertight Electrical Connections on a Boat
Want to avoid electrical failures on your boat? Follow these tips to make sure your electrical connections are watertight. 
8 Tips for Naming Your Boat
Stuck on trying to find a good name for your boat? Need a little inspiration? Here are some tips for naming your boat. 
Tips for Anchoring and Beaching a PWC
Anchoring or beaching a personal watercraft can damage it if you don’t know what you’re doing. Follow these tips for handling the parking of your PWC with a little TLC!
Downrigging Tips for Better Fishing
Looking to use a downrigger to catch bigger fish? Follow these basic downrigging tips for better results! 
Tips for Preventing Boat Fuel Spills
If you're spilling marine fuel, you're wasting money, harming the environment and breaking the law. Here are some boat fuel spilling prevention tips to protect both the environment and you!



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