Guide to Boat Fire Extinguishers
Shopping for boat fire extinguishers? Here's our guide to choosing the right marine fire extinguishers for your boat.
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Boating Safety Equipment: The Essentials
Not sure what safety equipment to stock up on your boat? Here's a guide to essential boat safety equipment to have onboard.
Essential Accessories for Every Boat
What's in or on your boat matters. Having the right accessories on your boat can make the difference between a good boating experience and a bad one. Here are some accessories every boat should have.
Tips for Preventing Fire on a Boat
From fire extinguishers to a little inspection work, here are are some safety tips to prevent a fire on your boat
4 Safety Tips for Using a Portable Generator on a Boat
Portable generators can be a great emergency resource to have on board. Before you bring one aboard, you should keep a few safety rules in mind. Here are 4 safety tips for using a portable generator on a boat.



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