How to Go Boating with Dogs
Before you start taking your dog(s) out on the boat, here are some things you can do to make their experience more enjoyable.
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Tips for Boating with Kids Safely
If you have or plan to have kids coming onboard for boating trips, here are some safety tips for boating with children. 
Swimming and Boating Safety Tips
Should people who can't swim get on boats? Whether you're good at swimming or not, here are some boating and swimming safety tips to keep in mind.
How to Help Another Boat in Distress
How can you help another boat in distress? Here's what you can do if you see another boat that needs emergency assistance.
Why Carry Extra PFDs on Your Boat
It's common sense to have extra lifejackets and other personal flotation devices onboard at all times. Here's why you should have extra PFDs on your boat.
5 Essential Boating Safety Accessories
Never go boating without these 5 essential safety and survival accessories. 
Tips for Securing Your Boat for a Hurricane
When a hurricane is headed your way, follow these tips to prepare your boat for the oncoming storm
Essential PWC Accessories
Your PWC alone is fun enough on its own, but here are some essential accessories to make your personal watercraft safer and more enjoyable. 
Tips for Boating Safely in Fog
Fog can come from out of nowhere when you're out boating. Here are some tips for boating safely in foggy conditions.



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