Wax Your Boat in 5 Steps
Simple 5-step guide to washing and waxing your fiberglass boat for a perfect glossy finish.
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Tips for Keeping Gelcoat Looking Like New
Follow these simple maintenance tips to help keep your boat's fiberglass gelcoat looking like new. 
Quick Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Boat Like New
Follow these basic boat maintenance tips to preserve the showroom look for years to come!
Guide to Choosing Fiberglass Gelcoat Wax
Boat wax and cleaner wax essentially do the same thing, so why the name difference? Here's a guide to choosing the right wax for your fiberglass boat.
7 Steps for Cleaning a Boat’s Bilge
Cleaning a boat’s bilge area is a dirty, unpleasant job, but putting it off only makes it worse. Here's how to clean a bilge in 7 easy steps.
Tips for Cleaning a Fiberglass Boat Hull
Tips for removing unsightly water and rust stains, marine growth and barnacles from your fiberglass boat's hull.
Tips for Using Muriatic Acid to Clean a Hull
Muriatic acid should only be used as a last resort to clean a fiberglass boat hull. Here are 9 tips to get it done safely. 
Tips for Boat Trailer Leaf Spring Maintenance
Keep your boat trailer's leaf springs durable and rust-free by following these 3 essential maintenance tips.
Boat Wax vs Car Wax: Why the Difference Matters
Boat wax and car wax are the same right? Wrong. Find out why you shouldn't use car wax on a boat just to save a few bucks. 
8 Barnacle Removal Tips
Need to get those pesky barnacles off your boat's hull? Follow these 8 tips for removing barnacles safely off your boat.


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