Boat Canvas Maintenance Tips
Regular maintenance of your boat's top or canvas can make it last for a decade or two. Here are some easy boat canvas maintenance tips.
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What is Gelcoat and How to Restore It
Gelcoat protects fiberglass boats while giving them their shine. Here's a quick guide to what gelcoat is and how to restore it.
Boat Maintenance Checklist
Need some pointers on basic boat and outboard maintenance? Here's a standard checklist to help you stay on top of boat maintenance.
Tips for Maintaining a Boat's Value
Preserving a boat's value takes time, effort and money, but it pays off. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your boat's value.
Tips for Selling a Used Boat
Selling your boat? Here are some tips for selling a used boat to help you find prospective buyers.
Quick Boat Bilge Cleaning Tips
Here are some tips for cleaning your boat's bilge and keeping it clean.
Why Wax Your Boat Regularly
Waxing is a standard boat maintenance task that shouldn't be overlooked.  Here are some reasons why you should wax your boat regularly.
How to Refinish Teak Wood on a Boat
How to restore teak wood on a boat. 4 easy steps to treating teak wood with Star Brite teak oil. 
Quick Maintenance: Fiberglass Gelcoat Restoration
Your boat's once-shiny gelcoat needs some attention! Here's how to restore gelcoat in 3 easy steps. 
Wax Your Boat in 5 Steps
Simple 5-step guide to washing and waxing your fiberglass boat for a perfect glossy finish.



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