Boat Windshield Cleaning Do's and Don’ts
Boat windshields deserve attention too, especially if they're made of vinyl and acrylic. Here are some boat windscreen cleaning do's and don'ts.
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Boat Maintenance You May Have Overlooked
You know cleaning your boat's deck and hull are part of its routine maintenance, but here are some boat maintenance jobs you may not have thought about.
Tips for Dealing With Bird Poop on a Boat
Bird droppings are a major problem for boat owners, and can do some serious damage when left unchecked. Here are some quick tips for dealing with bird waste on a boat.
Tips for Preventing Rust on a Boat
There are several ways to prevent rust on a boat, which mostly comes down to simple maintenance. Here are some tips for preventing and removing rust on a boat.
5 Reasons Why You Need to Remove Barnacles
Why do barnacles need to be removed from a boat? Here are 5 reasons why you need to clean barnacles off your boat.
Boat Seat Cleaning Tips: Do's & Don'ts
Keeping boat seats clean can be a frustrating part of boat ownership. Here are some boat seat cleaning tips.
How to Sell a Used Boat
When the time comes to trade up for a new boat, following these few simple tips will help you sell your used boat faster. 
Why Use Non-Skid Deck Cleaner
Non-skid deck cleaners are exactly what they sound like, but they're no ordinary cleaners. Here's a quick guide to non-skid deck cleaners, including Star Brite non-skid PTEF cleaner.
Boat Canvas Maintenance Tips
Regular maintenance of your boat's top or canvas can make it last for a decade or two. Here are some easy boat canvas maintenance tips.
What is Gelcoat and How to Restore It
Gelcoat protects fiberglass boats while giving them their shine. Here's a quick guide to what gelcoat is and how to restore it.



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